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  1. PR Div Chat

    What’s up PR! Just stopping in to say Hi from LE
  2. LE Division General Chat

    Working this horrible shift at Work
  3. Thoughts on Trump

    Hey Miagi, I totally respect your point of view. Trust me! On some issues, I feel the same way.
  4. KSI Packers Awards

    Gamertag: KSI Packers Link to Forums Account: https://forums.ksiglobal.com/profile/49993-ksi-packers/ Awards/Achievements: 1. “Better With Friends” 2. Division Award Witnesses or Proof: 1. @KSI Nizzy can witness as I have hosted numerous gamenights on R6 and FortNite with the Lobby Full. 2. @KSI Nizzy or @KSI Anubis 7 can witness as I am a CoFounder in Lost Empire.
  5. Thoughts on Trump

    I voted for Trump because he obviously is a great guy. Sure, He can be a bit obnoxious on Twitter but He is straight forward and never beats around the bush when it comes to many Political Problems. I always get a good kick out of what He says to Kim Jung Un of North Korea. Also, who would want to cote for Killary Clinton anyway?
  6. LE Division General Chat

    Heyy Khaleevee!
  7. Ottoman LE Notes

    Ottoman Squad Meeting Notes (10/14/17 @8:30pm EST) Hosted by KSI Jester (MJR) Attendance: KSI OmgItsWiley (SGT) KSI ALPHADAVE (SSGT) KSI Xavier01 (PVT) KSI Packer (CoFo) KSI Gucci (PVT) KSI Tiger (4CPT) KSI Surfs (SGT) KSI Paradise (SSGT) KSI KILL ZONE (SGT) KSI LucanBrett (PVT) 1. Topics: Activity on discord has been very slim, I went over on how people should talk to each other more and game more as a whole squad, get to know each other. 2. Recruiting: We have been struggling recruiting a little on recruiting people into our r6 sqaud, we've only had about 3 people try recruiting as far as it shows on CMS I went over how we need to improve ASAP so we can keep up with Sentinel were sitting at about 39 members when we should've been at 50 this weekend. 3. Gamenights: we haven't had a game night in a while, so I went over how we should change that and get some Gamenights going either tonight or sometime this week to show how active we are in the community. 4. Partying up/getting to know your squad: I went over how when we get a new recruit, announce it in the chat and get them to add the officers and everyone they can just to let them know how active and friendly we are as a community. Promotions- NO PROMOTIONS
  8. Sentinel LE Notes

    Ottoman Meeting Notes (10/14/17 @9:30pm EST) Host- KSI Packers (Co-Founder) Attendance: (19) KSI Nizzy 7 (Founder) KSI Packers (Co-Founder) KSI Orpheus (GEN) KSI Reverend OOB (1st CPT) KSI Zer0H (2nd CPT) KSI xDeAtHx (4TH CPT) KSI Rev (SGT) KSI Hiner (SGT) KSI_ACE (SGT) KSI-Mute (SGT) KSI Silver (SGT) KSI Lgwo Garf (SGT) KSI Record (SGT) KSI Zombie (SGT) KSI Excision (SGT) KSI Stitchy (SGT) KSI Eagle (PVT) xRoninMonkx (PVT) Thekillers2020 (PVT) Topics: 1. Recruiting! As of now, Sentinel is at 50. We have a goal of 55 to reach by October 23rd. We need to hit that goal as it not only benefits our Squad but also our Division, Lost Empire. We hit our Goal of 45 for this week and we are all proud of the hard work and dedication that is being shown in Sentinel. KSI Orpheus has set a Goal to Split Sentinel once again at least by the Second Week of November. 2. We want to cover some of the issues with Recruiting that our members are facing. Some of you guys are hitting “dry spells” and such. You guys need to stay positive and continue pushing hard. The moment you give up is the moment when your effort level will crash and burn. Stay Strong, Push Hard, and Get Results! 3. Game Nights! Since we hit our goal of 45 this week, We would like to begin Game Nights again. If anyone wants to host a Game Night, please get with KSI Orpheus (GEN) to schedule that way he can make a list up. 4. Lost Empire is sitting at 523 People and have a goal of 530 by MONDAY NIGHT @9:30PM EST. We NEED to hit this goal to benefit this Division and Prove that we are one of the Best Divisions in KSI! Promotions: 1. KSI Massive John from 4th LT to 2nd LT. 2. KSI Hiner from SGT to SSGT. 3. KSI Rev from SGT to SSGT. 4. KSI Eagle from PVT to SGT. 5. xRoninMonkx from PVT to CPL. 6. Thekillers2020 from PVT to CPL.
  9. Favorite Country Song

    That it is! They are still big today.
  10. Favorite All Time Game?

    Black Ops 2 is just a greatly designed game. Zombies and Multiplayer are OP. The story line is even pretty good.
  11. Favorite Country Song

    I love the Zac Brown Band! Their song "Free" hits home every time.
  12. LE Division General Chat

    I feel ya on that one haha
  13. Favorite Politician

    Favorite Politician? Mine is Marco Rubio in Florida!
  14. Favorite Country Song

    Personally, my favorite country song is "What Ifs" by Kane Brown ft. Lauren Alaina BUT "H.O.L.Y" by Florida Georgia Line comes in a close second!
  15. Favorite All Time Game?

    Personally, I love Black Ops 2 but I have to say, Destiny 2 comes close!