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  1. Forums makeover

    Honestly, I typically don’t like to read long, drawn out posts like many of those found here on the Forums. What if you enabled something as far as an Audio Reader Also, My Smartphone really doesnt handle the Forums well so maybe a KSI App?
  2. Favorite Country Song

    Love all 3 of those! Darius Rucker is probably one of my top favorities.
  3. KSI Official BF1 Server

    Well considering I just got an Xbox One and have BF1, I love this idea! I would definitely be open to not only joining in but also getting others in KSI to join us!
  4. Destiny 1 or 2

    I have noticed that Destiny 2 requires more grinding for Level/Gear to me.
  5. Destiny 1 or 2

    And the story line will get even better with the Expansions
  6. Battlefield or Call of Duty

    This is tough. I love most of the Call of Duty Games like Black Ops 1, 2, and 3 as well as Modern Warfare Remastered and I guarantee I will love WW2. However, I love the feel for driving/operation vehicles. Therefore, I love Battlefield 3, 4, and 1.
  7. Destiny 1 or 2

    In my opinion, Destiny 2 is better than Destiny 1. Considering the Game Play is better to me as well as the Story Line! However, it really is to early to judge anything because there have yet to be any Expansions released.
  8. Thoughts on Trump

    Hey Miagi, I totally respect your point of view. Trust me! On some issues, I feel the same way.
  9. Thoughts on Trump

    I voted for Trump because he obviously is a great guy. Sure, He can be a bit obnoxious on Twitter but He is straight forward and never beats around the bush when it comes to many Political Problems. I always get a good kick out of what He says to Kim Jung Un of North Korea. Also, who would want to cote for Killary Clinton anyway?
  10. Favorite Country Song

    That it is! They are still big today.
  11. Favorite All Time Game?

    Black Ops 2 is just a greatly designed game. Zombies and Multiplayer are OP. The story line is even pretty good.
  12. Favorite Country Song

    I love the Zac Brown Band! Their song "Free" hits home every time.
  13. Favorite Politician

    Favorite Politician? Mine is Marco Rubio in Florida!
  14. Favorite Country Song

    Personally, my favorite country song is "What Ifs" by Kane Brown ft. Lauren Alaina BUT "H.O.L.Y" by Florida Georgia Line comes in a close second!
  15. Favorite All Time Game?

    Personally, I love Black Ops 2 but I have to say, Destiny 2 comes close!