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  1. KSI Packers

    Member of the Month - September

    Love DramaMama!
  2. KSI Packers

    Favorite NBA Team

    Oklahoma City Thunder!
  3. KSI Packers

    Try to Argue

    Personally I haven't seen Shawshank Redemption but I have heard that it's a GREAT movie! Although, Forest Gump is not on my list of favorites because I felt that it lacked a bit. Saving Pirate Ryan is an AMAZING movie!
  4. KSI Packers

    Who do you think will run for President in 2020?

    I do believe Bernie will throw his name out there too. I am not so sure about Schwarzenegger. Although I can definitely see Ted Cruz going for it again.
  5. KSI Packers

    Favorite All Time Movie?

    All of those are pretty good!
  6. KSI Packers

    Do you vape? If so favorite flavor?

    I usually make my own but if I had to pick, there is one called Damn Daniel that's pretty amazing. Although, just classic Watermelon is the bomb!
  7. KSI Packers

    Your Top 3 KSI Leaders of All Time?

    This is too easy! KSI Kered 7 KSI Elderpooter 7 KSI Anatomy 7
  8. Some big names have been thrown out there in recent months about exactly who is running for President of the United States in 2020. With a Year and some change to go, who do you think will submit their name? I do believe Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson may be throwing his name in there.. Will he win? It's a long shot... BUT people said that about Donald Trump as well. Also, do you think Hillary Clinton could actually try and run again?
  9. KSI Packers

    Favorite All Time Movie?

    Man... this is a hard one! Some favorite titles of mine include: 1.) World Trade Center 2.) Flight 93 3.) San Andreas 4.) London/Olympus Has Fallen But my favorite has to be...... Moana. Who doesn't like a good Disney film?
  10. KSI Packers

    Favorite Nascar Driver?

    Taking a huge step here with introducing my inner-redneck with Nascar.. My favorite driver is Kevin Harvick.
  11. KSI Packers

    Favorite Operators on Rainbow Six Siege?

    My personal favorites for Offense are Montange & Fuze. Then for Defense, my favorites are Mira & Castle.
  12. KSI Packers

    King/Queen of the hill

    Yeah that's not worthy enough to be King of the Hill.
  13. KSI Packers

    Favorite Sport?

    I played football in High School so that's problem my 1st Favorite. My 2nd is probably Basketball.
  14. KSI Packers

    NFL team Favorite?

    I bet no one can guess mine