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  1. KSI_xLucifer13

    Where's everyone from?

    Wichita, KS!
  2. KSI_xLucifer13

    What was the first game you ever played?

    you genuinely expect me to remember that far back?.... too much for me to remember I was a gamer.. i can't even remember what was my first game... it had to be on Nintendo 64, then dream cast... then game cube
  3. KSI_xLucifer13


    PS4 i have it.. only comp games i got are World Of Tank H1z1 and many of the other big hits
  4. KSI_xLucifer13

    Movies A-Z

    Q- Quarantine
  5. KSI_xLucifer13

    Hey guys

    Welcome Baby J! Glad to have you!
  6. KSI_xLucifer13

    Returning KSI Member :)

    Thanks to you too ROK
  7. KSI_xLucifer13

    Playstation 4

    want in what ps4? lol you have one come play bo3?!
  8. KSI_xLucifer13

    Returning KSI Member :)

    Thanks Mizz
  9. need me Skype,PSN or Kik: ksixlucifer13

  10. KSI_xLucifer13

    C++ Classes for Beginners

    Very Interested in this!
  11. KSI_xLucifer13

    Returning KSI Member :)

    Thank you both! Much Appriciate glad to be back and at the perfect time to make a difference
  12. KSI_xLucifer13

    My PC Build :D

    I Shouldn't Post My Specs then if your jelly at that i love PC im honestly surprised KSI hasnt Expanded into the PC Market!!!
  13. KSI_xLucifer13

    Best Game of All Time

    Definitely Halo 2 And MW2!!!! Followed by Halo:Reach
  14. KSI_xLucifer13

    Playstation 4

    Lucifer here Tag Made In the PS4 Squad/div Here we come Success P:
  15. KSI_xLucifer13

    Returning KSI Member :)

    Just wanted to give my intro i am a returning leader from Semper Fi Division in the Halo Reach/Modern Warfare/Black Ops Era Im Luci/Lucifer. nice to meet you all i've jumped in to assist the PS4 Division!!! glad to be back and apart of this family!