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  1. KSI Miagi 7

    CMS Rank-Role Addition

    I don't pop in here too often, but I'm the person that created/developed the new CMS. I'm not sure if someone answered your question. Basically, if KSI leadership wanted something added, I can certainly do so if it's possible. Not sure if it's what you're thinking of, but CMS does have a "notes" section beyond the one line "comments" that you see on the squad page. I meant to make a way for it to be accessible from the squad page directly, but it's under CMS Management -> usernotes. You can add different types of notes to members and you can view notes specific to members that are under your squad(s). Even someone's transfer history is automatically logged there.
  2. KSI Miagi 7

    New Here

    Welcome to the forums! Are you part of a squad as well? Feel free to message me or another member of the Mod/Administration Staff if you have any questions or need help!
  3. KSI Miagi 7

    New To KSI

    Welcome KSI Accused0! It's great to meet a fellow Destiny 2 player and that's great to hear that you are going for the SGT rank! It sounds like you are eager to learn more about KSI and climb the ranks :). If you have any questions or need help on the forums, don't hesitate to ask me or another member of the forum Mod/Admin staff!
  4. KSI Miagi 7

    New to KSI!

    Welcome iPetahsan! One day, ONE DAY, I shall play BF1. I own it, I just haven't been able to play it either because it wouldn't load or because my attention was directed towards another game :). Once again, welcome! Feel free to message me or another member of the Mod/Administration Staff if you have any questions or need help!
  5. KSI Miagi 7

    Destiny 2 PC Bans

    Is anyone surprised? The PC version was -JUST- released on the 24th and they already had to ban accounts. Just imagine paying $60+ for a game and then a few hours later you're banned probably without even having finished the story. Considering I started off as a PC gamer and had been one for many years before switching to xbox, I'm surprised the ban count isn't higher . Hopefully there weren't too many banned in error and if they did get banned in error hopefully they could appeal.
  6. KSI Miagi 7

    "Heroes Never Die"

    What does a hero mean to you? Do you have any? Do you care to share why you consider them a hero? While I have yet to play Overwatch, I discovered this quote that is said by one of the characters, “Heroes Never Die.” July 28th of this year would have been a day where I would have gotten to check an item off my bucket list, which was to see in concert, for the first time, one of my all-time favorite bands with a group of my friends. Days leading up to the event, we were all excited and obviously the concert was a main conversational piece. What songs did we think they would play? Why didn't "Miagi" find better seats? Should we get a hotel? Should we just drive back home? Will we get robbed? That last one might have just been me asking that since the concert was in New York. July 20th - Just days before I would get to check that bucket list item off... Word starts spreading on social media that the lead singer of my all-time favorite band committed suicide. I searched for news postings and immediately found one on TMZ, which I linked and sent to the chat group that I have with that same group of friends that were going to the concert. The title of that article: "Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington has committed suicide..." Later on it was confirmed without a doubt that Chester Bennington was found dead. The person that I considered one of my heroes, committed suicide. An item on my bucket list shall forever remain unchecked. I was shocked, disappointed, and angry. Not only could I relate to some of the meanings behind their songs, but I was able to relate to Chester and some of his past as well. Much like Bennington, something that I kept secret for most of my life until recently was being sexually abused by some older "friends." I was fairly young and I thought they were my friends and that I could trust them. It's sad and scary how manipulative they were to make it seem like it was normal. Then much like Bennington, my parents split, I had trouble making friends because of a lack of trust and interest in friends as well as always having to spend weekends at my mother's house while I would spend the school weekdays at my father's. Before everything happened, I was a pretty talkative and confident kid. I wasn't an annoying cocky kid that acted like a know it all, no, instead I was one that helped my peers and let others shine in the spotlight for knowing an answer. But then all that changed and I withdrew and became the quiet kid that never raised his hand again and just kept everything to himself. The purpose of this isn't to be an autobiography so I'll leave this story at that :). After his suicide, I simply could not listen to his music. How could someone, especially a hero to some, a father, husband, and loved by so many friends, just end their life? I considered Bennington one of my heroes because he suffered through some of the same situations as me and yet he was able to become extremely successful. It was because he was courageous enough to speak about all of his current and past problems that he suffered that allowed me and probably many others to have that connection with him and to see that a successful and happy future is very much possible. I cannot judge a person by his last actions, but instead what matters is what he had done and tried to do with his life. For that, and even though he is now gone, I will always consider him as one of my heroes. With the world being the way it is nowadays, I try not to take things for granted. I have a few friends, but they are the greatest friends I could ask for. And yes... I do consider one of them a hero of mine and I actually even told him that recently which felt great to say. He indirectly encourages me to better myself and step outside of my comfort zone and live life much more than I have been in the past. Therefore, for many reasons beyond what I shared, not only consider do I consider him my best friend, but also a personal hero.
  7. KSI Miagi 7

    Thoughts on Trump

    Politics is always a touchy subject since people like to believe they are right and everyone else is wrong when someone disagrees with their opinion. Just a forewarn, I do respect everyone's opinion and I'm not one of those people that will judge or think differently of people just because they view something differently. My opinion is that many people, including Trump, are making a mockery of our country. Make note that I didn't say Trump supporters nor did I say any political party. In fact, I think it's ridiculous that people will stereotype people or place blame or ridicule others because of what they believe in (eg. right vs left). Trump and people like that are dividing this country. A leader would not encourage that, a leader would not blame this or that or take to twitter to bash or try to humiliate people. The American government, in my opinion, has turned into a giant game show. It is my opinion that Trump, who was very much into showbiz and tv ratings, is simply trying to entertain people. However, the news and other politicians are to blame for the mockery as well. Instead of trying to give someone a chance or trying to show support, they act like little kids getting the school bully riled up. But wait... Didn't Miagi just say that Trump is trying to entertain people and now he's saying he "could" potentially actually do a good job if people gave him a slight chance?! Yup. Let's face it, the guy is the President and he is unorthodox. If people showed support, showed unity, sat down and talked with the guy then perhaps everyone, including Trump, could learn something. But that's just me going by how we give our leaders and upcoming leaders in KSI chances even if they have differing leadership styles. However, unless he changes, my view of him will indeed be a negative view. Some may like that he is unorthodox and seemingly does what he wants without care to his image, however, I dislike the image that he portrays on behalf of our country. Much like KSI, we wouldn't want to have a leader that gives KSI a bad image, right? I hold the same belief for this country. He needs to put his personal grudges aside, stop trying to "entertain", and concentrate on what is important.
  8. KSI Miagi 7

    KSI In Real Life

    Come back anytime! It was a lot of fun! Just remember, apparently sprinklers turn on around 2am!
  9. KSI Miagi 7

    KSI Goals

    I've been meaning to respond to this topic for quite some time now. I've only ever been in one other community and it was a gaming community that was basically open to anyone. I joined it since it was very friendly and the community members were a lot of fun to talk to and play games with. We didn't recruit and the only rank structure was basically member, jr. admin, sr. admin, administrator for our game servers, mIRC channel, and forums. Shortly after joining, I was asked to become a jr admin to help keep the servers clean. While there, I also got into computer programming and helped and eventually took over patching bugs and developing new game modes and features for a certain Half-life mod that we all played and that our community was based around. Eventually I was made a sr admin and finally an administrator. All of that was done just by simply offering assistance as well as being helpful and responsive to community members. Basically, I like helping, therefore that's what I want to do in KSI. I like to be as supportive as I can for just about anyone. I'm willing to help anyone that needs help. Finding ways to improve things is also something that I like to do hence why I was more than willing to work on CMS 2.0 and why I'm continuously looking at ways in which I can improve it to better the user experience and community. I also like to share different ideas and suggestions whenever I think of them. I have a personal vision of KSI. In my vision, KSI is a commonly known gaming community that is based on more than just gaming. In my head, KSI will offer online classes that will teach leadership, marketing, graphics, basic programming, and many other skills to people of different ages. We would be involved in many humanitarian and other volunteer efforts and maybe even have a few local physical presences in some communities. Perhaps even hosting large events much like PAX. The image of KSI would not entail being the best at playing games, but rather being known for being great human beings and serving as great role models for everyone. There's obviously more that I would like to see, but that's pretty much the gist of it
  10. KSI Miagi 7

    How Did you Get Your Gamertag?

    I have used some form of variation of "Miagi/Mr. Miagi" since I first began gaming on PC in 2003. Strangely enough, I learned about the wonderful world of Counter Strike and Half-life deathmatch while taking a computer programming class at my high school. We were allowed to create a LAN party for half-life deathmatch after we finished our programming project for the day. After playing a few times, I immediately went out and bought half-life gold box to play CS/HLDM at home. Good ole' 56k internet days. I wanted a unique gamer alias/name that had meaning behind it and stood for something. I also wanted it to be something that people would find amusing. Since the karate kid movies were my favorite movies at the time and I really liked the Mr. Miyagi character and the philosophical ideas that he portrayed. I also created a key binding that would write in the game chat "Wax on Wax off" whenever I did something crazy or great. But it's just a gamertag that has stuck with me since the beginning.
  11. KSI Miagi 7

    My Favorite Memory With [...]

    BERSERKER! First time I ran into one of those (literally ran into it) I ended up on the floor laughing. Me and an old friend that I was co-oping with decided to both roll but we ended up rolling into each other in front of the running berserker and got stomped. For those that don't know, @KSI Double Oh 7, @KSI BlazeDaily, and myself know each other personally before KSI. In fact, they are my best friends, even though I always tell people that they hate me and judge me all the time which is far from the truth. Most of the time ;). But there's a lot of memories that we have shared together that involve KSI in some way or another. My favorite moment with @KSI Double Oh 7would be starting the now seemingly never ending "cookie joke" that he hates me for. Around Thanksgiving/Christmas of last year, I texted him and asked/begged him to get me some cookies that his mom makes which he promised he would. A week later during his DIV meeting in TR, he ended the meeting asking if there were any questions. So I asked, "yes, where are my cookies doubleoh?!" To which he forgot and said he would get some for me soon. Next div meeting, he ended again with questions. I believe this time someone else asked if Doubleoh got me my cookies. It became a TR thing where "the cookies were a lie." I'm pretty sure even N3xus got involved at some point. Then I joined web ops which doubleoh was already part of and, much to my surprise and laughter, during one of the meetings someone asked about the cookies which started Nex Addo on always asking about being sent cookies from doubleoh . While I did eventually get cookies, they weren't his moms . Then we have @KSI BlazeDaily. While we were both friends with Double Oh, we were never really in the same place at the same time to develop or start a friendship. Now that I think about it, I'm not exactly sure why. However, it wasn't until we all began playing Destiny and rejoined KSI, in the Destiny squad that Mizz created, that a friendship developed. I owe a lot to Blaze, more than he will probably ever really know or even take credit for. In fact, I probably wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for him... Even though he hates me . There's a ton of memories since KSI but I'll concentrate on my favorite gaming related ones. One of my most recent favorite memories with Blaze would be playing Destiny 2 on midnight release until around 4am and then playing most of the following day as well since we both took off from work. For me, nothing makes a game greater than enjoying it with a friend. The funniest moment, besides watching double oh run up to bosses and get stomped on, would probably be when Blaze was showing me how to equip a special gun in zombies and didn't realize that I used a different controller layout. So he told me to press/hold a certain button so I did. Apparently that was for throwing a grenade. So he's like "uh, no.. nope. No. That's a grenade. Uh, just press..." which by that time I let go of the trigger and accidentally tossed my grenade at my own feet and accidentally killed myself. His response... "uh... Wow."
  12. KSI Miagi 7

    Which Faction?!

    Dead orbit shaders are definitely amazing! I mained FWC in D1 for the gear stats that they provided for my warlock. That's a good point... I still haven't decided so I haven't pledged to a faction yet so I wasn't sure if faction was tied to account or character yet. I did the same in D1 with pledging each character to a separate faction. I read that there was a faction reward cap of 265 or 270 :(. I'm at 276 on my first character.
  13. KSI Miagi 7

    Which Faction?!

    Now that factions are live today in Destiny 2, which faction will you be choosing and why? I read online that whichever faction has the most faction packages, that the winning faction will sell the "powerful weapon" tied to them. Dead Orbit = Scout Rifle Future War Cult = Pulse Rifle New Monarchy = Sidearm Personally, I'm stuck choosing between Dead Orbit and FWC. I love Dead Orbit's shaders and the scout rifle looks pretty good, but I tend to play a little aggressively/close range most of the time which makes the pulse rifle seem more attractive to me. For those that play Destiny 2, which faction is everyone else going to choose and why?
  14. KSI Miagi 7

    Limit Amount of Awards Shown

    It's not about being lazy but rather about aesthetics, function, and flow. According to survey results so far, the majority of our members view the forums through a mobile device. I would argue that it is distracting and not user friendly to try to read thread responses while scrolling through awards just to find the next post when viewing from a mobile device. However, I would also argue that a certain amount of awards should be shown by default so that members can still display their top or most recent 5 or 6 or X amount of awards while the rest are in a collapsed div until someone clicks "Show all" or something. I know it's pretty impressive to have so many awards that you have to scroll and members probably feel that pride when seeing their signature filled with a wall. So I do think there should be something in place to continue that feeling of pride and accomplishment. Maybe as a tradeoff, to still encourage members to apply for awards, perhaps we could figure out another option. Maybe we can tie amount of awards in with special member titles or something similar that can only be obtained through the accumulation of awards.
  15. I'd like to throw this idea out there of setting an award display limit for the awards that show up when a member posts. While viewing the forums on mobile, it causes a lot of scrolling. I do understand the awards are most deserving and they really show people's dedication, however, in my opinion, they certainly can create a large and distracting buffer between posts. Maybe they can be coded as a collapsed section where you show X amount of awards and then have a button or text link that says "Show X more awards" that will then expand the members full amount of awards?