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    My PC Build :D

    lol not trying to be a dick or anything. But KSI wouldn't do all that great at maintaining a PC side of things, though it did start on PC ages ago. The structure and rules are all based around a console styled experience. The competitive scene for games like League and Dota are very hit or miss. You have to be very good to even consider LAN events. It's not like doing say GB or MLG. Where you match make and make private lobbies. You have to have a very serious team and KSI looks to be leaning toward the casual experience from what I've seen from the forums. That may be different on the console side of things, but also not gonna lie Console Gaming Competitive scene seems more lax in my opinion. Mostly is filled with COD players. And of course for Xbox you got Halo Comp which kinda is meh lol. Not like H2 or at the least H3. And CSGO is god awful on console so that kinda won't fly very well. And BF is a bit harder to find a truly competitive scene. At the end of the day things would have to change in order for newer PC Gamers to take consideration. The PC Community changed so much in the past decade and a half give or take since the foundation of KSI.
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    My PC Build :D

    Very doubtful. Especially with using a structure like KSI's. It's just geared toward a console style setup.
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    U - Ultima
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    I've been hiding in the darkest places of PC Gaming O_O
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    KarasuSenshi's Introduction

    Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Ladies & Gents, Some of you already know me by many of my older names. One name in particular would be Crow. So I've been talking to Proxy the past day or so and he told me to get back on, so here I am . People should love me now. Or maybe hate me, either way Rawr