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  1. A New Type Of Leadership Training

    A New Type Of Leadership Training By: Chaoticz News Team Writer KSI ZEUSWRATH7 and his team have been working hard to give out a new set of leadership classes to members in KSI. There are 5 seperate classes; -Choose the right people -Make sure they understand their role -Building and listening skills -Motivation -Vision Those are only Level 1 of the course. Additionally, Zeus is also preparing a second level and set of classes for those who want to go even further and learn more! This isn't like any other class or workshop where you simply attend, listen, and learn. KSI ZEUSWRATH 7 pushes his attendees to their potential. Each class consists of alot of detail and teaching, thus, students are expected to take notes. After each class, Zeus would issue homework assignments. Many of which were follow-up questions to ensure that students were taking correct notes. By talking to others that participated, I can see that nobody had an issue with doing any extra so-called homework. At the end of the course, a final test with 10 questions would be issued. Students have 24-hours to turn it in. Fortunately, I was given the opportunity to assist KSI ZEUSWRATH 7, KSI 1NSAN1TY, and KSI Ezekiel UD in discussing and marking these question papers. Those who got over 60% were passed on the course. Those who got under 60% were spoken to about where they can go to retake the course and learn from their mistakes. Every attendee passed the course. Additionally, instead of simply giving a % and saying well done, we have back what questions the attendees got wrong and what the correct answer was. From what I got to see of the course, everyone participating benefited. Whether it be the students being taught, the Co-Teachers assisting, or me watching. We all learned some valuable information. “I joined this training because Zeus believed in me and thought I would make a good leader”, said KSI HedgeHog. “I came to a random training done by Zeus that turned into this, but I did it because I wanted to learn more about leadership and KSI.”, said KSI SunlKitty. The upside of Zavala’s class was it wasn't just any old class where the students pay no attention and take nothing from it. The students that I spoke with gave me some insight into what they took away from the class. KSI HedgeHog stated, “I learned it takes more than just energy and basic skill set to be a great leader - it takes vision and motivation as well as listening to your lower comrades and the ones that are above you, in order for you to become a great leader.” When asked if they feel more confident as a leader in their squad after this training, KSI Martidodgers stated, “I do feel a bit more confident in my squad, because we don't all have the answers to everything in life, but I can take the stories or situations that other members in this class had and the way they resolved it and maybe use it in my squad to resolve the issues I have.” This course allowed members to feel good about themselves and inspired to grow as leaders. Overall, it went well, everyone passed, had fun, and learned a lot. I highly recommend KSI ZEUSWRATH 7’s training to anyone willing to learn. Congratulations to everyone who took part and good luck to anyone in the future. The next set of classes are due to start sometime in the next few weeks.
  2. May 2017 Of The Month AAP Winners

    May 2017 Of The Month AAP Winners The May Of The Month Winners are in! May was a successful month for KSI, we had an IW tournaments, squad splits, high-end promotions, a division split, and most importantly everyone had fun. Listed below are the elite members of their designated rank, team, and/or position for that month. Congratulations to all, no matter what rank, no matter what division, you have helped make this community stronger. If you did not win this time round, you and only you can make it possible next time round. Director of the Month KSI Cali 7, RD, SR Division Leader of the Month KSI HUCKLBERRY 7, Synthetic Reality {SR} Co-Division Leader of the Month KSI Mactheripper, Reality Dynasty {RD} Founder of the Month KSI QUEENPINK 7, Synthetic Reality {SR} Co-Founder of the Month KSI ZEUSWRATH 7, Reality Dynasty {RD} General of the Month KSI Ezekiel UD , Reality Dynasty {RD} Officer of the Month KSI Kinghellish, Synthetic Reality {SR} Member of the Month KSI OJs Glove, Synthetic Reality {SR} Global Member of the Month KSI MONKEYY 7, Synthetic Reality {SR} Streamer of the Month KSI BotKiller, Twitch Team Streamer
  3. Charity Stream Giveaway! Gaming PC or $100 Xbox Card up for grabs! On June 10th the KSI Twitch Team - led by KSI N3XUS 7 - will be running a 48-hour livestream on Twitch.TV. The aim of this stream is to raise not only awareness - but funds for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. During this stream there will be many activities: spokesmodels from our Sirens group, the championship match of our CoD: IW tourney, and finally a giveaway for all those who have donated! Anyone who donates between now and 2pm Eastern on Sunday 11th of June will be entered into a draw for one of following prizes, both provided by KSI Lillypad! -If you live in the United States you will receive a gaming PC with the specs below. -If you live outside of the United States you will receive a $100 Xbox gift card or equivalent currency. If you donate, you must send PROOF of your donation to a member of the KSI Twitch Team. The prizes will not be given out until at least a week after the stream when the donations can be verified by the receiving charity. IMPORTANT: Do not donate to KSI or to our stream channel. The following link is for any and all donations. https// Please also be aware that no donations go into our pockets, every single one goes straight to the charity.
  4. April 2017 Of The Month AAP Winners

    March 2017 Of The Month AAP Winners The April Of The Month Winners are in! April was a successful month for KSI, we had tournaments, squad splits, promotions, and most importantly everyone had fun. Listed below are the elite members of their designated rank, team, and/or position. Congratulations to all, no matter what rank, no matter what division, you have helped make this community stronger. If you did not win this time round, you and only you can make it possible next time round. Senior Leader of the Month KSI BIGG PAPA 7, Senior Director Director of the Month KSI Space Ops 7, HF, IE Division Leader of the Month KSI N3XUS 7, Twisted Reality {TR} Co-Division Leader of the Month KSI SugarMama 7, Hell Fire {HF} Founder of the Month KSI QUEENPINK 7, Synthetic Reality {SR} Co-Founder of the Month KSI ZAVALA 7, Reality Dynasty {RD} General of the Month KSI Anubis 7, Lost Empire {LE} Officer of the Month KSI Nizzy, Lost Empire {LE} Member of the Month KSI Scoobybear, Arcane Kings {AK} Global Member of the Month KSI MONKEYY 7, Synthetic Reality {SR} Forums Staff of the Month KSI Mizz Airy 7, Asst. Web Ops. Dir. Streamer of the Month KSI Chaoticz, Hell Fire {HF}
  5. Community Focus: Rome LE / Olympus LE

    After an unexpected split from Twisted Reality {TR}, the resurrected Lost Empire - under KSI Mizz Airy 7’s leadership - has seen great growth, success, and achievement. Growing from around 100 members to over 200 within a month. The most recent example of their success is Rome LE, a Destiny squad that split in the early days of May. At the onset of 2016, Twisted Reality {TR} performed the first Destiny squad split. Darkness TR, with KSI Mizz Airy as General, split into Light TR, with KSI BlazeDaily taking Darkness TR as General and KSI Spoonz taking Light TR as Major. When Twisted Reality {TR} split into Lost Empire {LE} KSI Spoonz renamed Light TR to Rome LE and split the squad into Thinis LE. KSI Anubis 7 assumed control over Rome LE while KSI rave nite 7 took Thinis LE. Almost a month following the division split and KSI Anubis 7 has split Rome LE into Olympus LE, thus moving up to Co-Founder. We asked him how he felt about splitting his squad and being given this new responsibility, “I feel great and proud. I fully believe that both squads are going to be successful in every way possible. As for my responsibilities as a Co-Founder I am going to do my very best to help out everyone that I can and be the role model that the new leadership of both squads can look up to as well as other squad leaders” KSI PissedMoose was promoted from Major to General over Rome LE upon the split. KSI PissedMoose has been close to the General position multiple times before. Previously a Captain in Beowulf WD before it was shut down, he worked extremely hard within his squad. When we asked him how it felt to finally be given a squad of his own he said, “Honestly it's kind of surreal. I have been striving for this goal for a long time now and have worked my butt off to get where I am and I am just happy to see my hard work paying off.” We were interested in what goals KSI PissedMoose had for his squad in the near future, he stated, “My goals for Rome are to create future leaders. Because of the way Destiny has declined in popularity and has made it very hard to recruit on, my intention is to focus more on moulding the future Leaders of KSI. Now that doesn't mean we won't be looking to build, that's a given, but my primary focus is those future Generals that I see in my squad." Additionally, KSI Tig3rs was promoted from 1CPT to Major over Olympus LE. Moving up from Captain to having his own squad is a big responsibility and step, from what I have heard about KSI Tig3rs, his patience and determination are what makes him the ideal candidate to run a squad. First recruited into Darkness TR by KSI Spoonz, KSI Tig3rs began to soak up knowledge about KSI pretty quickly. We’ve heard scary stories about his PvP skill too… Although congratulations are due towards KSI Anubis 7 and his team for splitting Rome LE, we cannot forget the person in the boss chair. KSI Mizz Airy 7 took one squad from Twisted Reality (TR), one squad from Final Reality (FR), and the remnants of Blades of the Eternal (BE) the PS4 Division. With these 3 squads, KSI Mizz Airry 7 has turned Lost Empire into a division with 7 squads. A remarkable feat in just over a month. Being the overlord of Lost Empire {LE} we asked KSI Mizz Airy 7 some questions on how she feels about the split and her division's general improvement; Q. “How do you feel about Rome LE splitting into Olympus LE?” “ I'm really proud of the effort put in towards getting Rome to split again. The dedication those members have, not only to their squad but to their brother squads (Thinis and Olympus) is exactly what I am aiming for in this build. ” Q. “Are there any members within the two squads that you would like to give a shoutout to for working hard?” “Every person in Rome did their parts. We have several members going through hard times personally, and one of the officers is even going through a military move, but it hasn't stopped any of them. Anubis has done an outstanding job at creating a cohesive and supportive environment for these squads to build.” Q. “Where do you see these two squads in one months time?” “In a month, I see all three squads as fully functioning in their own rights with a new set of officers trained and at the helm, possibly preparing Rome for another split.” Overall, it seems that Lost Empire is a tight division that likes to keep its members close together no matter if they split or not. KSI YinKo is even running a Destiny tournament that involves: Rome LE, Olympus LE, and Thinis LE! Great to see these three squads working well together and leading KSI on the Destiny front! Congratulations to Rome LE on the split, keep up the good work and we will see where Lost Empire {LE} stands in the near future!
  6. Omg that list clip though I love it. Good job HF and we'll done @KSI Jay Fox P.S. @KSI FadingWind your clip sucks but I still love you.
  7. Community Focus: X-Ray TR / Omega TR

    Community Focus: X-Ray TR / Omega TR By: Chaoticz News Team Writer X-Ray TR are smashing it with yet another squad split. Twisted Reality is killing as a whole also - seriously, someone put these people to sleep. Flash your minds back to the beginning of March, where you were most likely reading a similar article to this. Community Focus: X-Ray TR/Tango TR. It was an article outlining the split of X-Ray into Tango. Here we are -yet again- with another split X-Ray and all within the space of two months. KSI Silvu 7 - Director of Twisted Reality {TR} and Lost Empire {LE} - gave his feelings towards how effectively and quickly X-Ray has split, “I think the split has worked really well, it drove up the levels of excitement and dedication within the squad. It also appears to have lit a fire inside of people raising the moral.”. X-Ray has managed to split so well due to a number of different factors: good leadership, correct structure, massive activity, and excellent enthusiasm from everyone involved. KSI Dr Evil X was the General of X-Ray on this second split. We asked him some questions related to his personal KSI career and the splitting of this squad. Q. “Can you describe with one word how you feel about the split?” A. ”Accomplishment” Q. “Where do you see Omega and X-Ray in a month's time?” A. “I see both squads having their numbers up and activity in full swing in a month's time” Q. “Do you have any leaders that you would like to give recognition to for contributing towards this?” A. “I’m not usually one to ask for help but when I ever needed anything, KSIDr Waddles 7 - my Co-Founder - was always there to help and point me in the right direction.” Q. “What personal goals do you have for yourself in KSI?” A. “I’d just like to continue my success with splitting squads, training new members, giving them opportunities to grow, and become a reason that KSI is as great as it is.” As mentioned in the previous article, KSI Dr Evil X has great potential within Twisted Reality. He keeps his squad motivated, active, and enthusiastic. He never refuses a member help and has a true passion for doing what he loves, helping others. Congratulations to KSI Dr Evil X on splitting X-Ray and good luck with your future career in KSI, I am sure we will be hearing from you again in a future article. It came as a surprise to many that TR leadership opted for Omega as a squad name; mainly sticking to Phonetic Alphabet themed names for BF squads in the past. That hasn’t stopped KSI OneTerror from taking charge of Omega and working towards making it great. The previous 1CPT of X-Ray, KSI OneTerror has now been promoted to Major and has been charged with overseeing Omega. We asked him how we felt about being given this responsibility, “I’m very proud and honored by the responsibility I have been given.” Back in the original squad, let’s talk about KSI Blackout908. For those who do not know, KSI Blackout908 and KSI Dr Evil X are related. Not just some: Father-Son, Uncle-Nephew, or Cousin-Cousin relation. They are biological brothers. This is something that has helped pave the path of success for X-Ray. Having two leaders over your squad who communicate daily is exceptional and is the main factor contributing towards the squad’s success. With KSI OneTerror departing for Omega, KSI Blackout908 remains in X-Ray as Major alongside his General - and brother - KSI Dr Evil X. From what we understand, KSI Dr Evil X is keeping tabs on both Omega and X-Ray whilst taking a step back to see what KSI Blackout908 is truly made of. We asked KSI Blackout908 where he sees himself and X-Ray in the future, he stated, “In the next few months I see X-Ray continuing to be the great squad it has always been. I also see myself being a leader of X-Ray within the next few months.” KSI Dr Waddles 7 -formally KSI DrWobbles - remains as Co-Founder over these two squads, as well as Echo and Foxtrot. After being asked how he felt about X-Ray splitting, KSI DrWobbles said he was “surprised” as he did not expect them to split so well and fast. We asked him for any extra advice he can offer to Officers, Generals, and Co-Founders aiming towards splitting their squads and he said; “Find a schedule that fits your squad for gamenights and meetings. Do not force anything on the, go around and help them because you are here to help develop and progress your squad, not solely to obtain your next rank. Also, listen to your squad’s ideas and complaints as it will help build trust and unity within the squad.” KSI Dr Waddles 7 stated that his goals for Omega and X-Ray are to keeping building up, developing as a squad, and eventually reach another squad split. He believes that within a month X-Ray and Omega will have built their numbers back up to help the division prepare for an eventual split. KSI is a community that was originally built on Halo 5 and as it progressed into the early to mid 2010’s, began to move towards Call of Duty. We currently sit at over 2000 members officially within this community; over 600 of which are CoD: Infinite Warfare players and almost 400 of which are Battlefield 1 players. I believe that over the next half year or so, KSI could shift to a higher percentage of Battlefield 1 gamers. Almost every single division has at least one BF1 squads; Twisted Reality {TR} rocking four because they can! Here is what KSI Blackout908 had to say about the matter, “I think if we keep the recruiting and hard work going, anything is possible.” Only time will tell. Who know’s, in three months time KSI could be all Battlefield 1. Either or, Battlefield 1 will continue to be a popular game; both within and without KSI. X-Ray TR have proven it thus far. Finally, from me -KSI Chaoticz- as a fellow BF1 General, I would like to personally congratulate Twisted Reality on this recent success. Thank you to everyone from Private onwards for allowing this squad to continue it’s growth and truly witness the KSI experience. Below is a link to the article posted when X-Ray first split.
  8. Powerful writing. *Chaoticz' seal of approval*
  9. On April 24th, 2017 DICE livestreamed the official reveal and a teaser for the BF1 Spring Update; giving details about weapons, vehicles, dog tags, and much more - excitement was high and anticipation was huge. Battlefield 1 has definitely secured a foothold within our gaming community over the past 4-6 months. Looking back to when the first Battlefield 1 squad was opened in KSI and comparing it to now where many divisions are now supporting this game: TR, IE, HF, and SR all have Battlefield 1 squads, with a combined number of 6 squads. What do all these squads have in common? Teamwork! DICE stated that the theme of this Spring Update is teamwork. Honoring those that go out their way to: revive, heal, resupply, repair, and more. Platoons One of the most anticipated features for this update is the addition of Platoons. Platoons -featured in Battlefield installments in the past - are a big part of teamwork within the game. It gives players the ability to be a member of something bigger. How do Platoons work? Think of Platoons as an in-game clan. Within a Platoon, you can have 100 members, including those with administration abilities. The General has full access over the Platoon, they can: change the emblem, change the clan tag, remove members, approve members, and much more. The Colonel has near enough the same access as the General but does not have the ownership status over the Platoon. Lieutenants have some administrative abilities, such as approving members to join the Platoon. Privates have no administrative abilities. You have the ability to choose who can join your Platoon through three different privacy settings: Open means that anyone to join the Platoon, Apply-to-Join means that anyone can apply to join the Platoon but only those approved are accepted, and Closed means that nobody can join the Platoon. Players have the ability to join 10 Platoons maximum, including Platoons with pending join requests. Players, however, can only choose one Platoon to be their active one. The active Platoon is the one that you represent when riding into battle. If you have a squad with all Platoon members, the name of that squad will be changed from Apples, Butters, etc to the name of your Platoon. When capturing a flag point on a map, the Platoon that contributes the most -minimum of two Platoon members present- receive a smaller flag on the flagpole which shows the Platoon emblem. Server Changes For those that own servers or have played on a private server, you will know how irritating it can get at times due to different factors. DICE have heard our pleas and implemented some changes in an attempt to make the servers worth their price and more enjoyable as a whole. Server owners now have the ability to make their server PRIVATE - done by adding a password requirement to the server upon joining. This change has been added to allow more control over personal servers and to make clan events/tournaments simpler. You can now appoint other players to be server administrators, giving them limited abilities. You can now turn off Aim Assist in servers. You can change the required number of players to start a game. Medic Changes We’ve all witnessed it and we’ve all done it. When a Medic runs through a battlefield to get to a player only for them to press the skip button and respawn. DICE have noticed the rising hate directed towards medics of recent and have implemented a fix of sorts. They're calling it Revive Intent. Medics now have the ability to “spot” a downed enemy by aiming and double tapping the spot button. Instead of only showing Nearby Medics on the fallen player's screen it will now also show Incoming Medics. New Weapon Variants Players have been calling for an increase in the number of weapons for some time now. DICE have answered their calls. Each class has an upgraded variant of the current Rank 10 weapons: -Hellriegel 1915 Defensive. Includes a larger magazine capacity, a bipod, and an optical sight. (Acquirable by getting 300 kills with the original Hellriegel and 25 kills with Anti-Tank Mines) -Martini Henry Sniper. Includes a telescopic sight and a bipod. (Acquirable by getting 300 kills with the original Martini-Henry and 25 kills by Bayonet Charging) -Huot Automatic Optical. Includes an optical sight and a foregrip. (Acquirable by getting 300 kills with the original Huot Automatic and 25 kills with Limpet Charges) -Selbstlader 1906 Sniper. Includes a telescopic sight and a bipod. (Acquirable by getting 300 kills with the original Selbstlader 1906 and 25 kills with Rifle Grenades) Other Changes 19 new ribbons have been added into the game, all focussed on teamwork. Additionally, 5 new dog tags have been added into the game. -Battlefest 2017 -Answers HQ -Sakura & Murata -Regimental Stein -Play to Give A change to grenades has been made. If you throw a grenade, you previously would gain another after a designated amount of time. Now if you throw a grenade, you must go to an ammo crate to gain another, but within a certain amount of time. If you fail to get another grenade from a crate then you will not get another one until your next respawn. Kill Trading will now be available in the game. Previously if you shot a bullet it would disappear when you die. Now if you shoot a bullet and die it will continue along its natural path without any disturbance to the shot - meaning that kill trades can be made. Previously Map Voting was only available on Private Servers. It is now an official feature on all multiplayer games. DICE confirmed that they are working on bringing the Community Test Environment (CTE) to Xbox One. They have a deadline that they are working towards but will not release it at this time. Live Service Updates will now occur monthly, bringing new content and bug fixes to help improve the game. Many more changes were made. See the Official Patch Notes here;
  10. March 2017 Of The Month AAP Winners

    March 2017 Of The Month AAP Winners “What the mind can conceive and believe, and the heart desire, you can achieve.” ― Norman Vincent Peale The March Of The Month Winners are in! March was a great month full of great achievement, teamwork, leadership, and gaming. Listed below are the elite members of their designated rank, team, and/or position. Congratulations to all, no matter what rank, no matter what division, you have helped make this community stronger. If you did not win this time round, you and only you can make it possible next time round. In the words of Norman Vincent Peale, if you desire something and work hard enough for it, you can achieve it. Senior Leader of the Month KSI BIGG PAPA 7, Senior Director Director of the Month KSI Cali 7, RD, SR Division Leader of the Month KSI HUCKLEBERRY 7, Synthetic Reality {SR} Co-Division Leader of the Month KSI MacTheRipper 7, Reality Dynasty {RD} Founder of the Month KSI Red Fox 7, Twisted Reality {TR} Co-Founder of the Month KSI ZEUSWRATH, Reality Dynasty {RD} General of the Month KSI Ezekiel UD, Reality Dynasty {RD} Officer of the Month KSI Sou1Gamer, Reality Dynasty {RD} Member of the Month KSI Bruin, Synthetic Reality {SR} Global Member of the Month KSI Xiledxsokarx, Synthetic Reality {SR} Forums Staff of the Month KSI Anatomy 7, User Support Administrator Streamer of the Month KSI Dr Wobbles, Twisted Reality {TR}
  11. February 2017 Of The Month AAP Winner

    February 2017 Of The Month AAP Winners Senior Leader of the Month KSI BIGG PAPA 7 Director of the Month KSI Cali 7, RD, FR Division Leader of the Month KSI N3XUS 7, Twisted Reality {TR} Co-Division Leader of the Month KSI FinalFlash 7, Final Realty {FR} Founder of the Month KSI Red Fox 7, Twisted Reality {TR} Co-Founder of the Month KSI Dee Bull 7, Twisted Reality {TR} General of the Month KSI QueenPink 7, Synthetic Reality {SR} Officer of the Month KSI Chaoticz, Hell Fire {HF} Member of the Month KSI Chroma, Hell Fire {HF} Global Member of the Month KSI Jay Fox, Twisted Reality {TR} Forums Staff of the Month KSI Nex Addo, Web Ops Director Streamer of the Month KSI Devil Cat 7, Hell Fire {HF}
  12. Guardians of the Galaxy Game News

    Guardians of the Galaxy Game News By: KSI SugarMama 7 News Team Writer It's no secret - Director of Marvel Games, Bill Rosemann was talking about their new release for this year, Guardians of the Galaxy. Though there isn't an exact release date yet. The game is in the works to come out for consoles and PC. The word on the street is that the game will come out episodically, as the creators want to focus more on each character. They are world building the marvel way and answering questions for each character such as, who are they? what do they want?, how are they family?, and what could tear that family apart? Seems like Telltale will use the same comic book inspired games such as Batman- The Telltale Series. Which focuses on the characters action sequence. Guardians of the Galaxy is a five-part adventure, that will also have a season pass disc when released. It's been said, Telltale's Co-founder and CEO Kevin Bruner, said the full-on sci-fi action-adventure of the Guardians provides a satisfying space to explore through Telltale's unique style of interactive storytelling. He also revealed that the players will take on multiple roles within the ragtag band of heroes and take the pilots seat in directing their escapades around the universe. Another hype for Guardians of the Galaxy is the new attraction they are working on in Disney California Adventure park. This was announced at San Diego's comic con. The new attraction will be open to the public this summer of 2017. It will appear as Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout, a high energy rocking new adventure. Guests board a gantry lift, which launches them into a hilarious adventure as they join Rocket to help break out his fellow Guardians from captivity. This new attraction will keep a broader universe of Super Heroes, which will grow over time at Disney. The new attraction will be where the structure that is currently housing The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, which is scheduled to close early 2017 if it hasn't already. Guardians of the Galaxy attraction will be enhancing a breathtaking free-fall sensation and turning it into an all-new visual and audio effects to make a variety of ride experiences. Attraction goers will experience a unique ride that profiles the rise and fall of the gantry lift that will rock to the beat of the soundtrack inspired by the popular film. For those who are traveling on vacation this summer to California check out the new attraction that will be open for the first time ever at Guardians of the Galaxy mission: Breakout! Let's not forget the game that will be released this year in episodes on consoles and PC Guardians of the Galaxy.
  13. Please add >> << to Trial News Team. Thank you.
  14. KSI Leadership Tab Tournaments and Events is headed by BabyMama. Graphics has no head right now so remove BabyMama. Internal Affairs Director is Mizz Airy not Koda. SD is not a division. Blades of the Eternal (BE) is the PlayStation Division, someone will confirm but I believe Game is running this division. IE is not headed by Game Face, highest rank should be Dev, either a Co Div or a Div, someone will confirm. WD is not headed by KSI Popcorn, highest rank is KSI Koda 7 whom is a Founder RD is not headed by Dr Doom, someone will confirm but I believe Cali is overseeing that as a Director. If you get the time it would be greatly appreciated if the whole thing could be made a similiar text size/style etc with corresponding colors. Basically just not a shambles as it currently is.
  15. Hey Doom, since I love all News Team members and I'm an amazing guy, I'll make you a proposition. Once you're settled in, if you write two good articles, I shall donate you the points for your name change :=) Bloodshed since you're a fellow squad member and I love you even more than I love Doom (kidding) I'll donate you the points for a name change if you get me recruit two members into Alaska :=)