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  1. Chaoticz 7


    I didn't know that. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Chaoticz 7

    Member of the Month - September

    Member of the Month - September The Achievement Awards Program (AAP) recently put out a new scheme for the Member of the Month (MOTM) award. Each month one member from each division who receives the highest nominations will be recognized as the MOTM. August was an awesome month for KSI, we had our ups and downs - but mostly ups! Thank you to everyone who helps makes KSI a better brighter place on a daily basis. Please join me in congratulating the following receipt of the MOTM award: KSI Migraine 7, Founder - Fallen Angles (FA) KSI THEDRAMAMAMA, General - Fatal Genesis (FG) We took some time to interview the winning individuals and hear their thoughts: Chaoticz 7: When did you join KSI Global? THEDRAMAMAMA: April 6th, 2018 Migraine 7: I originally joined KSI back in 2011/2012 and spent a year and a half before leaving due to personal reasons. I recently rejoned KSI in the beginning of June. Chaoticz 7: What current ranks/positions do you hold within KSI Global? THEDRAMAMAMA: General Migraine 7: I am Co-founder over Rapture and Judgement in FA. Chaoticz 7: In your opinion, what do you think being in KSI Global is all about? THEDRAMAMAMA: I think it's about forging friendships, organized gaming, a safe place for gamers to be themselves, and [being able to] engage in new adventures with a diversity of different people. Migraine 7: I have had a lot of good and bad memories from my almost two years time of KSI. Chaoticz 7: Where do you see yourself within KSI Global in two months? THEDRAMAMAMA: I don't know where I'll be in two months but as long as I'm in KSI I know I'll be in a good place surrounded by good friends. Migraine 7: Still a Co-Founder watching over my squads. Chaoticz 7: Describe your experience in KSI Global in one to three words. THEDRAMAMAMA: I would say my experience needs more than three words to describe it but here goes; amazingly welcoming; extraordinary kindness; adventurous. Migraine 7: Interesting and fun. Keep pushing yourself and good luck for September!
  3. Chaoticz 7

    Mobile Gaming - Billion $ Market

    Mobile Gaming - Billion $ Market By: Frostiie Writer If you are like me gaming has been a part of my life since I was a kid. I had every system from Super Nintendo to Xbox One and everything in-between. However, one platform of gaming is becoming a $100 billion market (Mobile Gaming) and Fortnite mobile is a big contributor to that success. With games like Fortnite, Candy Crush, and Subway Surfer's being just a few that capitalize on paid advertisement's and/or in-game micro-transactions, it really makes you think how much do these games really bring in. Today I'm going to be looking at Fortnite mobile stats and see how much this multi-platform game makes on the mobile platform. Let's take a look at some of the stats. Since Fortnite mobile started monetizing on March 15th, the total worldwide revenue for the game had exceeded $15 million gross by the beginning of April, with about $10.5 million paid to Epic Games. However, this is just for the mobile game and not including the console version. Now making $15 million in a matter of two week's for just one game is a plus to what mobile games have to offer. As mobile devices get more advanced and complex the possibilities that game developers are going to have will be endless. With the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note9 being more powerful then any phones before, it makes you think - what type of games can I run on it while on the john? We are already seeing console game's being made with mobile version's and Fortnite is just one example. We are already seeing console games being made with mobile versions and Fornite is just one example. With the success they are bringing - financially and popularity wise - mobile gaming is really starting to become a major player in the gaming industry. Personally, I am very excited to see what comes next with mobile games and how the gaming industry will change due to the ever-growing popularity of the platform only time can tell. If there is anything to take from this article it is that as mobile phones evolve and become more advanced the boundaries and limitations of games will rise and the games themselves will become much more advanced and popular - just try not to drop your phone in the john so you can read my next article.
  4. Chaoticz 7

    This Week in KSI (August Week 4)

    This Week in KSI (August Week 4) Grimoire Heart Continually working on their raid team for World of Warcraft, GH recruited some new members this week! Cesilius joined the raid team as a healer, Sherlokgnomz joined the raid team as a damage dealer, and guurendal joined the raid team as a damage dealer. On behalf of the community, welcome to KSI! The raid team is now at 12 members and just needs one more DPS for a full team. Raiding will begin on Saturday 8th September! Congratulations on the following GH members on their promotions: MadDogKrazy, to Knight/Sergeant Tyensand, to Squire/Corporal sherlokgnomz, to Squire/Corporal Cesilius, to Squire/Corporal guurendal, to Squire/Corporal Fatal Genesis Congratulations on the following FG members on their promotions: Integritas Hihjpointed, to 1st Captain Archangel, to 2nd Captain Warblingsleet, to 3rd Captain Invicta KSI_Serenity, to Major KSI_Shank, to Lieutenant KSI_kidvixen, to Sergeant KSI_Mephios, to Private KSI_pinkbandit, to Private Leviticus THEDRAMAmAMA Fallen Angels Purgatory FA has been continuing to bring in new members and expand their activity for Halo 5. Some members have been working on a Forge map possibly for training, recruitment, or just squad chill time. Rapture FA prepared for it's upcoming split for the following week. Plans were made for who was going to the new squad, Judgement FA, and who would remain. Congratulations on the following FA members on their promotions: Rapture KSI CurrlyFry, to Major KSI ItsEcho, to 1st Captain KSI Roaddog21, to 3rd Captain KSI Dexx, to 4th Captain
  5. Chaoticz 7

    Recognition Tab

    Sounds like a good idea to me! Yeah could have it running through the news ticker or somewhere on the top of the site!
  6. Chaoticz 7


    *sigh* You are misunderstanding half of the things that were said on here. Anon was wondering why less people hop on here to say hello, to which Crusader responded that it is because most members are on Discord saying hello. THAT is why it was brought up in this topic, so no not pointless. And no, again incorrect. Everyone gets on Xbox Live just as much as they used to do, so not a damn shame..
  7. Chaoticz 7


    The Discord server isn't public, It's a private server for all current members of KSI. It's like an evolved version of kIK lol
  8. Chaoticz 7

    Xbox All-Access/Pay-as-you-go?

    Xbox All-Access/Pay-as-you-go? By: Frostiie Trial Writer If you are just starting your life in gaming or looking to switch over to console gaming, getting your hands on the Xbox One system may become a little easier and cheaper in the future. According to sources at Cnet.com "Microsoft looks set to announce a contracted subscription service that will bundle an Xbox One console with access to Xbox Live and a Game Pass subscription very soon." This will work just like your phone service if you pay a monthly rate to you WNP. According to WindowsCentral.com, the two-year contract would cost $22 monthly for an Xbox One S and $35 monthly for an Xbox One X. With both contracts, access to Xbox Live is included, which allows users to play and stream games online, and a Game Pass subscription, which provides a gigantic library of games to download, would be included in with the monthly price. At the end of the contracted period, the customer would own the console. What does this mean to the consumer? Savings! Now even though the margin is not huge you will still save with the monthly price. Normally an Xbox One S, including a game, Sells at the Microsoft store for $299. A two-year pass to Xbox Live will normally cost you $120 over two years and a Game Pass subscription is set at the same price. Adding all that together, the total price would be $539. With the bundle, it will cost you 528$. Now we know this isn't that big of a deal but at least we are saving some cash. How does one sign up? According to reliable sources Xbox All Access will only be available to U.S. Citizens. They must also pass a credit check and have the first payment ready before receiving the service as stated on an episode if IGN's popular gaming news show "IGN Daily Fix" as seen below. With a whole new way to get into gaming, we can't help but wait to see how this will impact the world of gaming as we know it. I for one am very excited about Microsoft's new promotion and can't wait to get my hands on an Xbox One X with this new and affordable way to game. I am very interested in hearing your opinions on this subject so please feel free to comment on this subject and let me know what you think about this promotion by Microsoft. As always work hard but play harder and keep up with the latest in gaming news with all of us from the KSI Global News Team.
  9. Chaoticz 7


    He didn't say every single person that wants to come back wants a handout. He simply stated a fact that there wouldn't be any. I've seen multiple leaders come back, complain about the state of the community and say they can build a squad and division blah blah blah, and then they expect to just simply be handed something. So no, not disrespect, just clearing the air.
  10. Chaoticz 7


    It could just be coincidence but I personally have never seen a free game work in KSI. It could be something to try out once again, but we would need a set group of people dedicated to executing it on one of those games.
  11. Chaoticz 7


    Bud nobody disrespected you
  12. Chaoticz 7


    Alright buddy. We're not having a c**k measuring contest here. We all appreciate all time you and everyone else has ever dedicated to this gaming community. All due respect, but it's not as simple as "one man building squads and divisions in a week". This isn't 2006, it's 2018. Alot has changed in the way things work and the flow of growth. Since you brought it up though, PlayStation division is around solely because of every leader and member currently over there right now and anyone who was there since May. Shout-out to Fatal Genesis.
  13. Chaoticz 7


    Alright, so you've addressed your issue/complaint, now let's hear the suggestion/solution. Would you like that we just open up multiple/other squads with other games such as destiny, pubg, etc? How would we get these going from scratch? Who do you think we should have running these squads and getting them off their feet?
  14. Chaoticz 7


  15. Chaoticz 7


    Well its good thing all the leadership that you are referring to died off with the recent split then! But yeah, things have gotten worse since the good ol days, but no point being negative about it. Times change, communities have evolved into much different things since then. As long as people are having fun and enjoying the time they spend here then it doesn't matter if we have 100 or 10,000 people.