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  1. Chaoticz 7

    Member Spotlight - KSI Kronic 7

    Member Spotlight "KSI Kronic 7" Written by: KSI EJKilly, News Team Writer One of the corner stones of our community is the leadership of our members. They are the wheel of the machine that pushes us forward and helps us achieve and sustain success. Without our leaders to usher in the next generation of members and train them in ways and morals of KSI, then we would never live up to what a community is suppose to be. There have been countless leaders in KSI since it's founding. The good, the bad, then every now and then, the great. Leaders are what has shaped KSI into what it is today and provided our storied history. These leaders have led divisions with hundreds of members, ran departments charged with assisting thousands, train members in tools they can use in their real life. These leaders are rare and more often than not their legacy is etched forever in the KSI Hall of Fame. During the tenure of a leader such as that, it's easy to lose focus and not realize just how big the impact they had on the community until they've gone or retired. Our member spotlight will be used to combat situations like that. We will attempt to shine the light on the leaders that are in the trenches building the community inch by inch, member by member, To show them that their work and dedication hasn't gone unnoticed, that they are recognized for their achievements. We will also use it to show the members and the gaming world just what kind of standard we've set in terms of our leaders. The spotlight, lastly, is used to show that we look out for leaders and give back. Lord knows they've earned. Our first spotlight is on the General of the Rapture squad in the Fallen Angels Division, KSI Kronic 7. Kronic, also sometimes known as Camaro, has been in or affiliated with KSI since 2009. In that time Kronic has had quite the career. His highest rank achieved was Division Leader of Semper Fi, his home division. He's built 5 squads from the ground up and led two successful, full scale re-builds of divisions. Taking time for school in work, Kronic had to step away from KSI for a few years. This all changed recently. Kronic is now back and is helping lead the re-build and stabilization of the X-Box side of the community. Recently, we tracked him down and asked him a few questions. Enjoy! Ejkilly: How long have you been in KSI? Kronic: I joined KSI in 2008, I've been on and off but it’s been about 10 years, I joined in March. I got recruited into the Semper Fi Division where I made some of my best memories in KSI. Ejkilly: So what brought you out of retirement? Kronic: I’ve been wanting to come back for a couple years, but it was mostly Kered, he’s been my friend for a long time (since 2008), he asked me to come back and I already had desired so I agreed. I share his vision on what can be achieved in this community, that we can attain greatness. I'm going to work as hard as I can to make sure KSI is a community the members and myself can be proud of. Ejkilly: Being in KSI for 10 years you must have been pretty high, so how high have you gone rank wise? Kronic: Division Leader over Semper Fi, as well as Founder in XD during one of their re-builds. Ejkilly: So what is the main thing that brings you back? Kronic: The comradery, I'm sure you’ve experienced it, you make lifelong friendships and we connect and know how other people’s lives are. The friendships are what bring people to KSI in the first place. It is also something that I want to introduce to as many people as possible. The experience of KSI should be far reaching, and I want to help extend that reach as far as possible. Ejkilly: What are your goals for the squad, division, and refurbished Xbox side as a whole in KSI? Kronic: I want to make the squad active and help make it radiate how KSI is at a whole. I want to build the division to stay the largest and most powerful and best Xbox division to stay. I like to try new things and be innovative here. I want to help train the members of the division to be the future leaders of the community. Ejkilly: Community wise, is KSI the first and the only one you’ve been in? Kronic: Mostly, although I’ve been in a few smaller ones, KSI is the first mainstream community I’ve been a part of. Ejkilly: Obviously you’re taking over after another leader, so how do your goals compare and contrast with his? Kronic: We match a lot, although I want to be more innovative. I want to do better, not saying they did bad, but I want to be better. I do have some things to change but I want to keep these on the basis that people find out over time what happens, but there won’t be too many major changes. There will be some change in squad leadership though, I’m big on engagement and keeping people active. In the squad as a whole I want people to be active and game with each other and be comfortable with one another. Ejkilly: Before we cut off, do you want to add anything? Kronic: I really appreciate the warm welcomes I’ve gotten today, and I hope I I can grow, especially helping the division and squad grow, and I want to help to restore KSI Global to its former glory. I look forward to working with everyone and creating some more solid memories.
  2. Chaoticz 7

    Calling All Content Creators!

    Calling All Content Creators! By: Chaoticz 7 Media Manager Hey you, yeah you. Are you of the creative mind? Can you stream? Can you design? Can you produce? Can you write? If you're still reading and you're thinking, “Yeah, this sounds like me”, then read on, we are searching for people like you. If you're still reading and you're thinking, “Nah, not me”, don't worry. ANYONE can become a content creator. Take a stab at some art, some writing, or another area. You might discover a hidden talent. Meet me, KSI Chaoticz 7, the Media Manager. Two years ago I started my journey into media by joining the News Team in 2016. That small step and choice led me to become Media Manager over all Teams. Take a leap of faith, read more about each Media Team below, and give it a shot if you got what it takes. News: The News Team post content onto the front page of the KSI website. From game reviews to interviews to fictional pieces, there is room for any writer. We don't just hire you, use you, and forget you. Being apart of the News Team has benefits both ways. You give us your all and we give you ours. Improve your skills through our 1 on 1 coaching. YouTube: The YouTube Team, yup you guessed it, posts content to our YouTube channel. Our producers and editors work on making videos for our viewer base. If you even ask them nicely, I hear they make montages for members that even get featured on the channel! Twitch: The Twitch Team follow a schedule and stream content to our Twitch Channel. From game nights to award announcements, you get to come chat with our streamers LIVE. Even join our Twitch specific discord server to chat with the guys behind the channel. Graphics: Arguably the most creative of em’ all, the Graphics Team are masters of Photoshop and other software. They work on projects for the community and even complete requests for members who ask politely. As with News - our Artists are here to help make you better. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Toxic why are all your posts like white background and everyone elses are normal grey?
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    My current KSI situation

    Not at all man, if you're unsure something you should get answers. The Senior Leaders of KSI decided to create a new website With doing so this and other things resulted in a split between two parties. The two Xbox One divisions XG and SR are in what is known for simplicity sake as KSI GG ( The Web Leadership and PlayStation 4 division have decided to stay here in the original KSI (KSI Global). I hope this answers your questions.
  6. Chaoticz 7

    My current KSI situation

    This is a reason that a split off occured my dude. The community is not what it should be. We are working our hardest to get the name back up there
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    The Pack is Back!

    Glad to have you back man!
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    A Blast From The Past!!!!

    You go boy
  9. Chaoticz 7

    A Blast From The Past!!!!

    What a boring butt
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    The Return of KSI Kynigos

    Welcome back scrub. We missed ya
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    A Blast From The Past!!!!

    Spread da loveeee
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    A Blast From The Past!!!!

    yall weird
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    A Year (Journey to CoFo)

    Ah this was the point where she forced me not to talk to y'all lol. You must've been a new recruit. Sorry you had to meet rave
  14. Chaoticz 7

    A Year (Journey to CoFo)

    You were in Beowulf!? Why did I not know this. Beowulf was in Wolf Den, WD, I created that squad before I transitioned up to be a Co-Founder there. What was your GT in Beowulf? I also remember Darth Vader lol, I recruited that sorry *******
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    April Games With Gold

    April Games With Gold By: UMBREON X Writer As March gold with games Games with Gold come to a close, we prepare for the April free games Free during the month of April: The Witness Available: April 1st - April 30th (Xbox One) Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Available: April 16th - May 15th (Xbox One) Cars 2: The Video Game Available: April 1st - April 15th (Xbox One and Xbox 360) Dead Space 2 Available: April 16th - April 30th (Xbox One)