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About Me

RD • HF • WD • KS • KB • SF•  XG •  FA





Inducted into Hall of Fame January 2019

Officer OTM February 2017

Streamer OTM April 2017

General OTM June 2017

Streamer OTM June 2017 (2)

Streamer OTM August 2017 (3)

Co-Founder OTY 2017

Forums Staff OTY 2017


Currently I Am


KSI Hall of Fame

KSI Judgement FA GEN

KSI Deputy Director of Web Operations 

KSI Board Member

KSI Forums Administrator

KSI Discord Administrator 


Contact Me:

Discord: Chaoticz 7#2186





Knights of the Blood Oath

Vandal KB (SGT)


Khronic Smokers

Fallen KS (SGT)

Wolves KS (SGT)


Wolf Den

Bernard Wolf WD (CPT)

Desert Wolf WD (GEN)

Alaska Wolf WD (GEN)

Beowulf WD (Created by me)



Wolf Den

WD Co-Founder


Hell Fire

Eternal HF (GEN)

Plague HF (Split and created by me)

HF Co-Founder

Inferno HF (Re-created by me)

Scorch HF 

HF Acting Div Lead



Reality Dynasty

RD Founder


Semper Fi

Trident SF (MAJ)


Xiled Gods

Trident XG (MAJ)

Aurora XG (SGT)



April 2018

KSI .com/.gg split


Fallen Angels (Named by me)

Rapture FA GEN (Created by me)

Rapture FA SGT

Judgement FA SGT (Split from Rapture)

Judgement FA SSGT/LT/CPT (Squad split to create Babylon FA)

Judgement FA MJR/GEN