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    12-9-2018 Black Ops 4 Tournament.

    Ya Boissssssss KSI Chaoticz 7, JMJR KSI xHeroiism, BGEN KSI Frostiie 7, J4CP KSI LeeYooAce, R2LT (Sub)
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    Sword Art Online Review (Spoilers)

    Sword Art Online Review By: Frostiie Writer ***BEWARE SPOILERS*** Sword Art Online (SAO) takes place in the year 2022, where the gaming industry moved from games (s) using monitors, keyboards, mice, headsets, etc to a neural interface allowing for absolute virtual reality games. Like other VR games, SAO interfaces directly with the human brain using a virtual reality helmet called the Nerve Gear. The Nerve Gear supplants the five human senses so the user sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch is what the game stimulates for the player. This allows a player to become their character and experience the game just like they experience their real lives outside the game. However, users have no connection to the outside world once logged into the game, other than what the game allows based upon its programming. The Event's of SAO started officially on November 6, 2022, when 10,000 players log into the online virtual reality game and start exploring the online virtual world. After several hours, many player's discover the logout command is not available to them in the menu system. Players then discover this fact, the owner and creator of SAO (Kayaba Akihiko) announces he is hijacking the game for his own desire. He wants to live in a world like SAO with true life and death struggles; therefore no one will be able to logout until someone reaches and clears the 100th floor. Additionally, if a character dies in the game the connected player will also die in real life. Since Kayaba Akihiko is the developer of Virtual Gear, he designed and inserted a kill switch into the helmets that will microwave a player's brain in the real world. The kill switch activates when the player dies in the game or if someone in the real world attempts to remove or disconnect the helmet. Halfway through the anime series, the action leaves the world of SAO and enters the real world, except for 300 players which for some reason do not wake up. Kirito discovers what happened to the 300 players, which includes his in-game wife (Asuna), and begins devising a plan to rescue them and bring them to the real world. The last half of the series follows Kirito and others on this adventure and answers the question, will Kirito and Asuna marry in the real world. This anime is personally one of my favourites and I give it a whole 6 cookies out of 7. There was great character development as well as a great story. One thing I did hate was the fact the 2nd season was placed in a shooting game which did not make sense to me since the anime's name is Sword Art Online. Overall it was fun to watch and I encourage you to give it a try and while you're at it let me know what you think about it in the comments below.
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    What Does KSI Mean to You?

    What Does KSI Mean to You? By: Frostiie Writer Knowledge, Strength, and Integrity. Three word's that mean a whole lot to the members of KSI Global Gaming. Whether you are new to the family or an old head of the community, KSI seems to attract many gamers over multiple platforms. KSI is a great online based gaming community where gamers can explore their own interests and discover new people who have the same interest who you can hang out with. (KSI is a lot like a Family and we enjoy hanging out with each other; Its a place to come and have fun. -KSI Migraine 7). In KSI we are all about making memories with each other and having a good time. Since 2003 KSI Has been giving gamers a good time with a friendly environment. (KSI Halo 2 Custom Games were so fun. I would be at my friend's house playing on his Xbox with KSI and my parents would call me asking where I was and I would say I'm on my way. Two hours go by and they would call again I would say I'm on my way. By this time it would be 11pm on a school night and they would come get me p***ed off but I could not put down the controller. -KSI CurlyFry). Now I personally thought this was so funny because I can remember myself doing close to the same exact thing on Modern Warfare 3 Myself. Now KSI is not only about gaming, this online gaming community offers positions in GFX Design, Productions, and much more on the forums which allow you to explore and perfect different skills of interest. With programs like the gamer pic request on the GFX sub-forum or KSI live streaming to Twitch that any member can sign up to do really gives you the chance to practice and hone your skills. Web Ops has played a huge step in me discovering who I am and what some interest I like that I feel like without it I would never of known. KSI does seem to have a huge impact on players (Since being in KSI the influence of KSI has grown tremendously than what I thought it was originally going to be like. -KSI ClaiireBear. I can relate as i have seen it in members myself. With being a Family/Friendly oriented type of community people tend to grow bonds with each other and start to trust and understand one another. But we do have to make sure we have the Knowledge to keep moving in a positive direction, the Strength to be there for one another and the Integrity to stand by each other in our community. KSI means a great deal to me and I know it means a great deal to my fellow member's so let's keep up what we are doing and remember to have fun gaming together.
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    I answered your question in a pm.
  5. Chaoticz 7

    Looking to join you guys

    Feel free to post a join application to rejoin. What is your old forums account name, please sign into that and post please.
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    Display name

    What he said
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    Court Judge Application

    KSI Name: KSI Chaoticz 7 Age: 18 Experience in KSI: Ive been a constant member of KSI since January 26th 2016. Been various different positions. PVT - Founder/Acting Division Leader, Moderator - Administrator on the forums, Board Member, Head of every Web Dept excluding Events, Deputy Director of.Web Ops, etc etc etc. Experience in law: No literal experience in law As KSI is the acronym for Knowledge, Strength, and Integrity, the 3 core values we are built upon. Which one of the core values mean the most to you: Integrity, as in the integrity all community members hole against each other. The respect and honesty between everyone in KSI. What are your thoughts on double standards: Double standards should not exist. That is how we get situations like corrupt leadership (previous KSI's). Everyone should have a fair chance and be held to the same rules whether you're.a PVT, Board Member, or Senior Leader. (At the request of KSI Vanilla) How much wood, could a wood chuck chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck wood: 200 squared cm
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    Favourite Final Fantasy Game?

    I prefer that one with Zidane the dude with the tail and the princess and all the mage dudes. Forgot the number but it had four discs and was difficult and long as f***
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    This topic has been closed and moved to Gar age as it is unrelated to this area.
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    Xxx or Marshmello

    Xxx or marshmello
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    The Walking Dead Game Still Lives

    The Walking Dead Game Still Lives By: ThatLilyDoe Writer After six and a half heart wrenching years of following Clementine and her companions (not to mention the 400 Days survivors), Telltale Games announced the studio’s majority closure, much to the surprise of many fans. The episodic The Walking Dead game has not met its end yet though, it seems. Skybound Games, a division of Skybound Entertainment which creates The Walking Dead comics, was announced on October 6 to be taking over the final season of the game to “wrap up Clem’s story right!” While rumors run rampant that Skybound Games may be employing some of the original developers, there seems to be a belief that at least some of the team from the game is going to Skybound to finish the season. “We’re going to do right by you (and also for ourselves because WE want to play it too!),” announced Robert Kirkman when the deal to take on the fourth season was released. As of September 21, Telltale had let go of over 200 employees, only maintaining a core team of about 25 staff to finish out some of the projects in progress. The estimated 90% loss in staffing occurred after a major investor backed out, rumored to be Lionsgate. Soon after, two other financing companies withdrew also. This decision effectively cancelled The Wolf Among Us: Season Two, Game of Thrones: Season Two, and a Stranger Things game that was still in development. Although The Walking Dead has been salvaged, there is still no announcement regarding these other three Telltale projects.
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    This Week in KSI (September Week 4)

    This Week in KSI (September Week 4) Fallen Angels Judgement FA and Rapture FA held their first squad VS squad battle. Judgement FA came out victorious 4-0! KSI Koda 7 has made a return to Clan Operations as General of the newly opened Fortnite squad - Redemption FA. KSI Finest will be assisting him as Major of Redemption FA. Promotions: Purgatory FA KSI CursedAngel, to 3rd Lieutenant KSI ClaireBear, to 4th Lieutenant Redemption FA KSI Koda 7, to General KSI Finest, to Major Judgement FA KSI xHeroiism, to 2nd Captain Grimoire Heart The guild killed another two bosses and are no at 6/8 Normal and 2/8 Heroic in Uldir. Keep rocking it GH! It's really awesome to see a PC division of KSI thrive for one of the first times in KSI history! Will the master race out master the other divisions? Fatal Genesis This week Invicta FG was merged back into Exodus FG. However, Exodus FG is now stronger than ever and will be hoping to split again in the near future. Y'all PS4 players may suck at gaming, but you's are doing a great job, keep it up!
  13. Chaoticz 7

    Tips for a R6S Squad?

    So I have just recently re-created Inferno HF as a Rainbow Six Siege Squad. I'm fairly experienced at squad-building/reviving. Does anyone have any extra tips for what works on Siege. Gamenight ideas, recruitment tips, activity tips, etc. Any help is appreciated.
  14. Chaoticz 7

    Why you joined KSI?

    We've done topics like this before, let's bring it back! I want to hear why you joined KSI, maybe who recruited you, when you joined, what squad, and some general history about your time in KSI.
  15. Game of Thrones for me
  16. Chaoticz 7

    Best Harry Potter Movie?

    Deathly Hallows Part Two.
  17. Chaoticz 7

    What is your favourite animal?

    Zebra are pretty awesome...
  18. Chaoticz 7

    Favourite Pokémon Game?

    Heartgold and soulsilver for me
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    What is your favourite Battlefield Game?

    I have only ever played BF1 sadly..... Don't judge me
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    Marvel or DC?

    Very hard choice
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    List of Rewards for me aka KSI_Johnson_7

    Let me know if there is anything AAP still requires witness for in relation to Johnson's awards. Myself, Crusader, Poseidon, and Hogan are the only ones that are still here that were also here last time around Johnson was a leader. (As far as I'm aware)
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    Member of the Month - September

    Member of the Month - September The Achievement Awards Program (AAP) recently put out a new scheme for the Member of the Month (MOTM) award. Each month one member from each division who receives the highest nominations will be recognized as the MOTM. August was an awesome month for KSI, we had our ups and downs - but mostly ups! Thank you to everyone who helps makes KSI a better brighter place on a daily basis. Please join me in congratulating the following receipt of the MOTM award: KSI Migraine 7, Founder - Fallen Angles (FA) KSI THEDRAMAMAMA, General - Fatal Genesis (FG) We took some time to interview the winning individuals and hear their thoughts: Chaoticz 7: When did you join KSI Global? THEDRAMAMAMA: April 6th, 2018 Migraine 7: I originally joined KSI back in 2011/2012 and spent a year and a half before leaving due to personal reasons. I recently rejoned KSI in the beginning of June. Chaoticz 7: What current ranks/positions do you hold within KSI Global? THEDRAMAMAMA: General Migraine 7: I am Co-founder over Rapture and Judgement in FA. Chaoticz 7: In your opinion, what do you think being in KSI Global is all about? THEDRAMAMAMA: I think it's about forging friendships, organized gaming, a safe place for gamers to be themselves, and [being able to] engage in new adventures with a diversity of different people. Migraine 7: I have had a lot of good and bad memories from my almost two years time of KSI. Chaoticz 7: Where do you see yourself within KSI Global in two months? THEDRAMAMAMA: I don't know where I'll be in two months but as long as I'm in KSI I know I'll be in a good place surrounded by good friends. Migraine 7: Still a Co-Founder watching over my squads. Chaoticz 7: Describe your experience in KSI Global in one to three words. THEDRAMAMAMA: I would say my experience needs more than three words to describe it but here goes; amazingly welcoming; extraordinary kindness; adventurous. Migraine 7: Interesting and fun. Keep pushing yourself and good luck for September!
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    I didn't know that. Thanks for sharing!