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  1. Shout out to KSI Elderpoot 7 aka peep peep. The stomps of a titan can be heard when we move in unison.


  2. Helios 7

    Devil Cat Is Back

    Welcome back. I heard you were a beast on Destiny, we should play some time.
  3. Helios 7

    How Did you Get Your Gamertag?

    I originally came up with my gamertag in Latin class back in high school. Mythology has always been something that interests me, and I remember looking through a list of Greco-Roman gods and having Helios stand out to me for being one of the few surviving titans and also being a literal embodiment of the sun representing light, warmth, and knowledge. Since then I’ve rocked a few different tags but I always end back up at Helios.
  4. Helios 7

    Please help clear clutter in SR Forums

    I’m speaking on a more broad level. I’m not even in SR I am adding input as a member and leader of RD. Our area is cleaner, but adding subforums would give it that next level organization. Also I disagree on removing topics. All topics, especially old ones, contribute to the history of our divisions and will one day be looked back on by our successors.
  5. I ban Nexus for letting this game die.
  6. Helios 7

    Please help clear clutter in SR Forums

    Tradition shouldn’t be used as a reason to halt positive change. The justification is that it would make the forums (and specifically div sections) easier to navigate and contribute to. A new recruits divisions section is often their first destination when guided to the site by their officers, and so a hot mess as a first impression 1) makes our jobs harder from squad and division level leadership, and 2) gives the impression to the new user that the forums are “massive, cluttered, and confusing” to quote one of my CPLs in RD. As for why we can’t simply remove/hide discussion, this also hurts activity because it makes the creators of said topics feel censored or targeted. In the case of pinned “informational” topics we obviously use these for informative purposes so it makes no sense to de-emphasize or hide these topics. A sub forum for each squad or a single sub forum for all “informational” topics would make everything easier to manage and organize.
  7. Helios 7

    "Heroes Never Die"

    I’m sorry to hear you were affected so deeply by Chester’s suicide, but I’m glad you could reconcile his final actions with his life story. I am a huge fan of LP as well, albeit for totally different reasons (they were just starting to get big as I was moving into puberty and their style synergized well with my teenage angst). I think your definition of hero is spot on, but what really spoke to me about this topic was the idea that a single negative action of a person does not negate all of their struggles to do good. Thank you for sharing your story here.
  8. Helios 7

    Please help clear clutter in SR Forums

    Disagree heavily, if a Division is utilizing their forums efffectively there should be no reason to deny any additional organizational tools. Stuff like this has been requested dozens of times in Divisions that utilize the forums heavily and would do nothing but augment the users experience navigating their div section. We are asked every day to advertise these forums and so for the one area clan ops is granted we should be given the leeway to customize our area as we see fit (within reason of course)
  9. Helios 7

    Squad subforums

    The Division Sections are actually rather vibrant compared to many other areas of the forums. Every time I have looked, they have been bumped in a matter of minutes or hours. Contrast this with the General Discussion area, which has a few topics bumped in the minutes or hours, but has a total of six sub-forums with activity in the days, weeks, or months. In fact, the Division and Web Team sections are the most active on the forums by far. The reason why (in my opinion), is that there is a certain ethos and pride associated with being a part of a "team". Whether that team unity comes from being proud of your area in Community Ops or from having dedicated your time to a Web Ops teams is based on simple circumstance. Squad sub-forums are an apt tool for encouraging web activity, in the same way that division sections are. They have the potential to be buzzing with activity, or entirely dead. The web activity within a squad is usually inherent in two things: 1) Open and direct lines of communication with high levels of activity, and 2) Informed and reasonable squad -level marketing of the forums. Squads and divisions that outline the positive aspects of the forums and get Members excited to sign on are much more active than squads or divisions that simply try to force the activity. Think of a parent trying to get their child to eat their veggies. The child will be defiantly screaming and crying the entire time if they are forced to eat them, but with a little bit of positivity and social engineering they will eat their veggies happily. The very act of a leader suggesting or asking for more places to post is indicative of a desire to post more and get their members to post more. At the end of the day, this is something that some of our members have gotten behind, so I personally think it would be a show of good faith to implement it on some level because it poses several possible benefits and very little of harm can come of implementing it on a limited capacity to leaders who request it. Finally, I think that this idea being implemented will go a long way to endearing the members to this great website. Having spoken with a multitude of leaders and members of KSI on the subject of the website, it often feels like we are asked to give suggestions or ideas and those ideas fall on deaf ears or are not used. I am keenly aware of the fact that not every idea can be done, but this is one that can.
  10. Helios 7

    Apperal sponsor!

    Yeah pricing is ridiculous. I'd shop around. Having worked with apparel companies in the past for this very sort of thing, I can say with certainty there is a better deal out there for the members and leaders of KSI. By the way, I've found smaller investment purchases are easier to market and sell to members. Wristbands, lanyards, and stickers are all cheap, markettable items that can be bought and sold with a decent profit margin and cheap production cost.
  11. Helios 7

    Xb1 Headset

    What is your price range? A good, decently priced headset is the HyperX Cloud II. You may have issues finding a bundle that comes with an adapter for the XB1 (I was lucky and found one on sale a few weeks ago), but it is a very good, quality headset for the low-ish price of $100.