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  1. Admin Request Box.

    May I be assigned to the “Retired Leader” usergroup if eligible.
  2. Devil Cat Is Back

    Welcome back. I heard you were a beast on Destiny, we should play some time.
  3. How Did you Get Your Gamertag?

    I originally came up with my gamertag in Latin class back in high school. Mythology has always been something that interests me, and I remember looking through a list of Greco-Roman gods and having Helios stand out to me for being one of the few surviving titans and also being a literal embodiment of the sun representing light, warmth, and knowledge. Since then I’ve rocked a few different tags but I always end back up at Helios.
  4. Ruining The Tradition of the 7

    I guess I inadvertently added a point to your argument. Even though I still disagree with “losing” the 7 for misconduct, I think there is a lot of merit to awarding it at Founder. Regardless, this topic has given me a lot to think about.
  5. Please help clear clutter in SR Forums

    I’m speaking on a more broad level. I’m not even in SR I am adding input as a member and leader of RD. Our area is cleaner, but adding subforums would give it that next level organization. Also I disagree on removing topics. All topics, especially old ones, contribute to the history of our divisions and will one day be looked back on by our successors.
  6. Ban Game! (MODs and ADMINs see description)

    I ban Nexus for letting this game die.
  7. Please help clear clutter in SR Forums

    Tradition shouldn’t be used as a reason to halt positive change. The justification is that it would make the forums (and specifically div sections) easier to navigate and contribute to. A new recruits divisions section is often their first destination when guided to the site by their officers, and so a hot mess as a first impression 1) makes our jobs harder from squad and division level leadership, and 2) gives the impression to the new user that the forums are “massive, cluttered, and confusing” to quote one of my CPLs in RD. As for why we can’t simply remove/hide discussion, this also hurts activity because it makes the creators of said topics feel censored or targeted. In the case of pinned “informational” topics we obviously use these for informative purposes so it makes no sense to de-emphasize or hide these topics. A sub forum for each squad or a single sub forum for all “informational” topics would make everything easier to manage and organize.
  8. "Heroes Never Die"

    I’m sorry to hear you were affected so deeply by Chester’s suicide, but I’m glad you could reconcile his final actions with his life story. I am a huge fan of LP as well, albeit for totally different reasons (they were just starting to get big as I was moving into puberty and their style synergized well with my teenage angst). I think your definition of hero is spot on, but what really spoke to me about this topic was the idea that a single negative action of a person does not negate all of their struggles to do good. Thank you for sharing your story here.
  9. Please help clear clutter in SR Forums

    Disagree heavily, if a Division is utilizing their forums efffectively there should be no reason to deny any additional organizational tools. Stuff like this has been requested dozens of times in Divisions that utilize the forums heavily and would do nothing but augment the users experience navigating their div section. We are asked every day to advertise these forums and so for the one area clan ops is granted we should be given the leeway to customize our area as we see fit (within reason of course)
  10. Ruining The Tradition of the 7

    I'd like to clarify my earlier statement because I think some heads turned at the phrasing being left open to multiple interpretations. My point was not to de-emphasize the importance of the Founder, but to highlight the significance of becoming a Co-Founder. As a General, you are the builder, the architect, and the planner of your squad on a day to day and long term level. You are supported by every rank above and below you, but for the most part you maintain semi-autonomy over the management of your squad (within SOP and COC), and you really only have one goal: the successful build of your squad. Contrast this to the role of the Co-Founder, who has a lateral viewpoint of the entire division (specifically their two to three squads but I'll touch on that later). No longer are you simply worried about "your" squad because "your" squads have been entrusted to someone else to run them as General. Adapting to the more hands-off role of Co-Founder is one of the biggest challenges new additions to Division Staff face. While this transition may be difficult, once a leader picks up on the nuances of their new role is when they elevate that leadership to the next level. When I think of Founder (the role I currently fill in my Division), and what it takes to achieve, it is basically a mastery of everything you learn as a Co-Founder: the ability to balance and manage the needs of multiple squads, the ability to organize and work through your team through "positive micro-management" and observation, and the ability to prioritize and make decisions that benefit the entire Division versus a single individual or squad.
  11. Ruining The Tradition of the 7

    I think you are missing my point here bud. What I’m trying to say is that it seems a lot of the crowd arguing for the 7 being awarded at Founder cite history/tradition without accounting for the 11+ years it has been awarded at Cofo. There is emotion, tradition, and history for both methods. In fact, the divisions that currently award it at Founder are a break for what has been the norm here for at least the past four years. This is not to say there is a “wrong” way to do it, after all this is a matter of perspective and opinion, not fact.
  12. Ruining The Tradition of the 7

    After doing some thorough digging and research, I’ve found that the practice of awarding the 7 at Co-Founder started much longer ago than I think a lot of you guys believe. While it was ORIGINALLY awarded at Founder, and many divisions followed that same principle, it seems that as early as 2006 this was one of those autonomous authorities left up to the Clan Director and Clan Leader (Director and Div Lead in today’s terms). Here is the proof in the form of an extremely old archived topic made by a Co-Founder WITH A 7 in 2006.
  13. Ruining The Tradition of the 7

    In my experience here, the 7 has always been an honor earned by achieving the rank of Co-Founder. Apparently before my time it was awarded at Founder. I don’t know the reason for the shift to Cofo instead of Founder but if I were to speculate it’s because splitting your squad and becoming Co-Founder is much more of a significant leap in rank duties than moving from Cofo to Founder. As for people running around with 7’s that are not of that rank currently, as I stated before the 7 is an honor given and not an indicator of current rank.
  14. Want to view the Graveyard?

    I’d be interested in reading some of the old topics if possible.
  15. Fortnite Battle Royale/PUBG Squad

    Any game has the potential to host a squad with a team of officers who are dedicated and passionate about said game. The problem is many games outside of tradition (Military-style FPS Titles) are very much “Flavor of the Month”, and when that title loses a bit of popularity, your officers and members want to change games to the next big thing. Thats not to say that these non-traditional titles never work out. Destiny was originally looked at as a game that could not support clan ops, but through longevity and a few key updates, clan ops has thrived and grown on that game and even into its successor, Destiny 2. I am personally very excited for PUBG to come out and to sink countless hours into playing it, but I will definitely be waiting a few weeks after launch to assess the game before I even consider fighting for a squad on it.