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  1. Quantrel V2

    Looking for Testers

    How long have you been in KSI? 9 months Are you currently a paying member of this website (if yes we will verify) No Gamer tag: KSI QNTRLxKILLA Do you have a kik? Quantrel_Killa Do you understand the above stuff? Yes This is being worked on a KSI OPERATED WEBSITE outside the forums is that ok for you? Yes
  2. Quantrel V2

    Hey yall

    Jesus bro that IS pretty colorful lol
  3. Quantrel V2

    Im new to ksi

    Alright if you're going for Black Ops 2 and Black Ops 3 on XBOX 360 then my squad, KSI Kush KS is your squad (Kush=SQUAD and KS(=DIVISION). If you're looking for Playstation squads then just ask aorund or poke around the forums. The current division for Black Ops 3 on the ONE is KB (Knights of the Blood Oath). If you're looking for the 1st option, which is Black Ops 2 and Black Ops 3 on the Xbox 360, then send me a or my general a message on xbox. My gamertag is KSI QNTRLxKILLA and my general's is KSI RickJamesV2.