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  1. KSI HazMat

    KSI HazMatX7

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  2. KSI HazMat

    KSI HazMatX7

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  3. KSI HazMat

    PHP Assistance Requested

    Have you already started on it or do you need someone to make it for you?
  4. KSI HazMat

    Starting up a Pro team

    It's looking good guys keep applying this application goes towards both C.O.D. and Halo
  5. KSI HazMat

    E3 is looking promising

    All of them, I've been going about trying to set up beta tests, and play throughs
  6. KSI HazMat

    Suggestion for website

    OK I've been replying to a topic called honor meeting/times
  7. KSI HazMat

    Starting up a Pro team

    Updated: 6/19/16 Hello to the world of KSI I'm currently starting up a Pro team for dedicated, skilled players! If you're interested in trying out for it contact me on here or my Xbox account KSI HazMatX7 ~DETAILS~ The way the tryouts are going to run will be through multiple objective based games both core and hardcore, you will choose your team to compete for glory! If your team loses that doesn't necessarily mean you won't get a spot on the team, so get to practicing and come hit me up when you think you're ready!! !!!!! I look forward to hearing from all of you !!!!! !!! FEEL FREE TO APPLY BELOW !!! ~Example of what your application should look like~ Name: <insert here> Gamertag: <insert here> Squad: <insert here> Division: <insert here> K/D and Score/min: <insert here> Are you available on the weekends: <insert here> Are you willing to download KIK (free chat app) for your phone: <insert here> Your goals in the pro team: <insert here>
  8. KSI HazMat

    Starting up a Pro team

  9. KSI HazMat

    Suggestion for website

    OK that could work, I'll have to see if I can modify the topic
  10. KSI HazMat

    Suggestion for website

    I see where you're coming from there, maybe it could be applied to just the meeting notes section, mainly because I have people that pop in here every now and then and come back to me asking where the new meeting notes are, and I have to tell them it's on the last page, then they ask wouldn't it be easier for people to access relevant meeting notes instead of seeing meeting notes from ages ago first
  11. OK so my suggestion is a simple fix for the website, I know that I'm technically still new but can we make the most recent posts appear first on every topic in the forums
  12. KSI HazMat

    Forums Nonresponsive

    I noticed the issue, I believe it just takes a long time to upload put your phone down for a min or 2 and it should go through
  13. KSI HazMat

    Error in Code of Conduct

    When I was brought in I was told of 12 rules, no matter what I use whether it be an iphone, android, or pc, I only have access to the first 10, it'd be nice to get that resolved sometime so when I do recruitment workshop the people I'm putting through it can see all 12 as well
  14. KSI HazMat

    Things you miss about the old ksi

    I miss the old pro team going to championships, which is why I decided to finally join since I've watched you guys for 12 years, now that I'm to that level I would like to bring back a championship team