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  1. I'm looking to find some gamers in the community that want to play poker on Xbox and chill maybe have some game nights and tournaments for MS points if your interested in setting up a table or just hanging out with other poker players simply reply and hit me up on the box
  2. KSI BUCK 7

    Favorite pet?

    Great danes are awesome
  3. KSI BUCK 7

    Battlefield or Call of Duty

    CoD but like the BF campaigns
  4. KSI BUCK 7

    Favorite Type Of music

    Classic rock
  5. KSI BUCK 7

    I'm HOME

    Welcome home
  6. KSI BUCK 7

    What is your favourite animal?

    Big Brown mean old grizzly bear
  7. KSI BUCK 7

    Ryse Anyone?

    Update - if you had this game installed before and uninstalled it you may have to start from scratch I had all my levels erased from the multiplayer and have to go back through the story all the level perks were still there and my stats on the leaderboards but my game play was erased, I just don't want anyone else to go through this
  8. KSI BUCK 7

    Why did you Join KSI?

    I was recruined into LE back in late 2009 we were doing halo 3 back then I was brought to Rome LE actually made Gen over it, I worked my way all the way up to DIV before ICEMAN split and took most of it with him to make DHD. Anyway nice to meet you it feels good to hear LE come up again wish they would bring it back
  9. KSI BUCK 7

    Ryse Anyone?

    If anyone follows the games with gold they know that Ryse Son of Rome is the free download from April 1st - 15th if any of you are interested in some arena style combat reply to this thread or send me a friend request I own the DLC and wouldn't mind helping the achievement hunters get their chieveos
  10. KSI BUCK 7

    New in the hizouse!

    Didn't you have the tutorial on how to make the X emblem back on black ops 2 I believe if that was you I was the one you was helping when you did the video
  11. KSI BUCK 7

    New face in town

    Welcome to the best gaming community out there
  12. KSI BUCK 7

    New in the hizouse!

    I was a part of XGC for a while was in both SYN and KoG. Welcome to KSI
  13. KSI BUCK 7

    Forums Activity

    The site needs some fresh blood we could always use some new people to talk too.
  14. KSI BUCK 7

    Forums Activity

    I'm working on it I advertised about the site both in my squad and on discord
  15. KSI BUCK 7

    Forums Activity

    Wish the website would blow up like facebook