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  1. Punisher 7

    Black ops 3 dark matter camo advise

    I like the dark matter camo but lately I've been aiming to get the full gladiator set.
  2. Views keep on climbing the more that they play us! From 9k-13k in a matter of days #Goals

  3. Punisher 7

    KSI Bender's Introduction

    I hope you enjoy your stay here Bender, nice to have you on board the crew! (:
  4. Blood, Sweat & Respect. The First Two You Give. The Last You Earn.

  5. Punisher 7

    Formally Introducing Myself (:

    Lol nooo I'm too cocky for that xD
  6. Facts are facts and will not disappear on account of your opinion.

  7. Punisher 7

    Favorite Type Of music

    I'd have to say at this very moment in time, Trap & Bass is my favorite type of music (:
  8. Punisher 7

    Quantum Break Hype & Discussion Thread

    I'm curious as to what are your thoughts on this game? Please no spoilers. I've recently received this game and I absolutely love it!!!
  9. You know I like my dessert first ;)

  10. Punisher 7

    Formally Introducing Myself (:

    GC REIGNS - PROUD OWNER OF GC Whats up everyone! Welcome to my introduction thread! I've been good friends with several leaders in this community.. and it's about time I introduced myself to everyone! I'm the proud Owner of GC Gaming a fairly new eSport Organization. We've went up against some of the most powerful teams in gaming such as Epsilon and defeated them for the #1 spot in ESL's Battlefield 4 (Europe) Competition. You can say my personality type can be described as "Tony Stark'ish" but I assure you, I have many reasons behind that lol anyways It was a pleasure introducing myself, but I can't go without writing a paragraph on..nothing. The end.
  11. Punisher 7


  12. Punisher 7