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  1. WhackingKarma


    that is cool i like it
  2. WhackingKarma

    Name change

    How do i change my name on here I need to add the ksi in it so it matches my gt
  3. WhackingKarma

    Please follow and help support me

    Am trying to grow my twitch channel please follow me and help support my channel thanks https://www.twitch.tv/whackingkarma/profiles
  4. WhackingKarma

    Dose any one have a gb team

    Black ops 3
  5. WhackingKarma

    Pro team

    Yes am in HF
  6. WhackingKarma

    Pro team

    Am looking to get on or work towards getting on the project team if it is possible am trying to get better and move up in the gaming world if you can help me please let me know thanks
  7. WhackingKarma

    Dose any one have a gb team

    Looking for a gb team please let me know if you have one
  8. WhackingKarma

    New to ksi

    Hi everyone am new to ksi and just wanted to say hi my profile name on here is my gamer tag if anyone wants to add me