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  1. Playing BO3 before 2XP Weapon goes away.

  2. Playing some BO3 before 2xp Weapon.

  3. Nevermind, all good.

  4. Stupid weather might knock out my electricity...

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    Aaron aka (KSI) Bashy935 At some Con

    I believe it was Daisho Con.
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    Random little pics that signify me as a person.
  7. Stuff and things, mostly how to not be bored is a question is on my mind...

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    Bashy in the Digital

    Hey dudes My name is Aaron, I LOVE CoD Nazi Zombies, Rocket League, Resident Evil and Pokemon I was gonna copy and paste / be lazy, but I'm not gonna do that And now i changed my mind, sorry... My favorite game genre's would be... "I love RPGs, Shooters, Action/fighting and sometimes racing, Favorite Final Fantasy would be IX / 9, and 7 kind of close by, Favorite Shooter would have to be CoD: Black Ops 1, 3 is okay, zombies are my favorite, and for Action... I can't really say but I like SoulCalibur, Dead or Alive and Tekken." My favorite Anime consists of ""Great Teacher Onizuka" or GTO is my Favorite I REALLY love Comedies-(ex. GTO, OnePunchMan, Fruits Basket, Squid Girl, and 2 many Romantic Comedies to count (I don't want to) Romance-(depends, most of em are Rom.Coms)(Shuffle!, Toradora, Elfen Lied (gruesome), Lovely Complex, School Rumble, Mayo Chiki!) Action-(Naruto(Shippuden), Bleach, Trigun, Assassination Classroom, Fullmetal Alchemist, Black Lagoon, Full Metal Panic!(lots of comedy as well, so it's a plus!)" As well as Music, I love it, but "I'll keep it short, I love Rock, Techno, sorta like Hip-hop or what have you, anything really besides Country and most Rap." And also, I was a very shy guy growing up, but now I'm somewhat more sociable but also VERY sarcastic when need be, unless I'm meeting new people, and in some cases, maybe if I'm having a good time.
  9. Being bored isn't fun.