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  1. ProjectSynergy

    My story

    Interesting read. Although I personally never met you when I was on the Xbox One, What you did was crummy. The people in the community would have been more than happy to accept you for who you are. But I know the feeling. I only came out to my mom a few days ago about being Bi, yet i've known since I was around 12. Xbox 360 And Playstation 4 made me feel a lot more comfortable with my sexuality as I was chilling out with like minded people. Even Monkeyy 7 (Regardless of past issues between us) went through trouble as she said. But you shouldn't be afraid to say something about it when you joined. Hell, I live next door to a trans female, and I honestly don't have an issue with it. Your sexuality is your choice and you choose who you trust enough to tell. All i'll say is in future, you don't need to hide it from us. Oh and nice to meet you.
  2. ProjectSynergy

    PHP Assistance Requested

    What you would be needing is a method to register the notes in a database (Pretty easy if you know PHP SQL functions), a method of Including it into the CMS (This would depend on how universal the CMS actually is, and I personally have no experience with it), and a way to search through the notes. I could probably do it, as I'm a certified Web Developer and it is my Job, or you could see what others come up with. But for the SQL I would advise using PDO anyway as it is a lot more secure than bare SQL Commands. Bare SQL can be edited and ran through PHP whereas PDO cannot.
  3. ProjectSynergy

    Anime and Manga Recommendations

    http://myanimelist.net/animelist/ApolloX Just refer to this xD EDIT: DxD Isn't Borderline Hentai. DxD is Typical Ecchi / Harem Anime. If you wanted Borderline Hentai... I could give you that
  4. ProjectSynergy

    Top 10 Favorite Anime

    1: HighSchool DxD 2: Tokyo Ghoul 3: When They Cry 4: Corpse Party 5: Shinmai Maou no Testament 6: Gantz 7: YuGiOh Arc V 8: Kiss x Sis 9: Mirai Nikki 10: DragonBall Z Fukkatsu No F That's my top 10. Anyone got some suggestions for me to watch some anime? xD
  5. ProjectSynergy

    KnightRider's PC Build

    Holy ****. Not a bad way to blow some cash. Solid CPU, Solid Ram, Solid board, Solid HDD setup, Solid everything... That's one sweet build. I personally prefer AMD though...
  6. ProjectSynergy

    KSI Nimble's Gaming PC

    No offence here, but looking at that dual core CPU gave me cancer. If you have the cash, I can hok you up with a basic PC build for about $400. That would be minimum for playing a lot of games. Hell, my first build was £150. lol
  7. ProjectSynergy

    My Custom Gaming PC

    Yeah it was a custom build. Just had t make a new forums account because facebok got hacked and it was linked >_>. Tok me 6 months to build it, and like 3 weeks to blow her up. Running a new motherboard and CPU with same parts now.