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  1. Thoughts on ZEUSWRATH Lecture

    I always new that first impressions were important. However, this most recent lecture have reinforced this idea. Although it went off track a few times all in all it was a pleasant and educational experience.
  2. Nemesis RD Chat

    Meeting Attendance and notes Attendance: ApacheWarcry90 DJ CHEMMAGIC Knaqz Jr KSI Cynical KSI FORS4KEN KVNGxBrandon Timeless Bk Topics: Game nights Fire teams Recruiting Lokichu’s dual workshop Possible Name change giveaways Raid Team Questions and comments
  3. Nemesis RD Chat

  4. Iron Banner Hits Destiny 2

    Bungie recently announced the launch of the first Iron Banner in Destiny 2. The competitive based Player vs. Player (PVP) event, much like the Trials of the Nine, is set to start on October 10th at 5am EST. It then ends a week later on the 17th at the same time. Unlike Crucible and Trials of the Nine, Iron Banner likely has the extra element of damage given and received being based on power level (akin to the light-level enabled event in the first game). The event begins by getting a quest from Lord Saladin in the tower. Keep in mind, to access the Tower you must have beaten the campaign. Then you can access the Iron Banner in the same place you would access the Crucible and the Trials of the Nine. Iron Banner will keep the same format as the other PVP playlists in Destiny 2 - 4v4 - with the gametype of Control, where Guardians battle it out to maintain the majority control of three posted flags. Weapons are rumored to be a part of the new banner, but nothing is officially confirmed. All in all, I’m really excited for the Iron Banner. The new armor takes on the style of ancient warriors and already looks really good. It will be a nice break in between Faction Rallies, the week-long event in which Dead Orbit beat out New Monarchy and Future War Cult in the first appearance. See you on the battlefield, Guardians! Source: Makuch, Eddie. “Iron Banner Makes Destiny 2 Debut Soon With These Gear And Armor Rewards.” GameSpot, Gamespot, 6 Oct. 2017, www.gamespot.com/articles/iron-banner-makes-destiny-2-debut-soon-with-these-/1100-6453826/. Image source: https://twitter.com/Bungie/status/916073036759023616
  5. KSI Lokichu's PFP Request

    Yeah It Looks great!!!! I just cant upload it as my PFP on the forums
  6. HR Team Applicants

    What is your current gamertag? KSI Lokichu Z How long have you been apart of KSI? 1 month What Division (if any) do you reside in? RD What other web teams are you apart of? News Team What does discretion mean to you and why would it be important as far as HR goes? Discretion is withholding information until the time is right ot untill you see fit and in some cases only to certain people. This position may ask you to observe/ troubleshoot and formulate a plan as a team without interfering/ touching, would this be an issue for you? No, in many cases people may not want direct help but rather guidance or even just advice on what to do next What is the difference between someone who is biased and someone who is unbiased and when should you call in someone other than yourself to mediate an issue? Someone that is Biased is someone that gives preference to one person or persons due to personal reasons, such as person gain religious beliefs, or even just friendship. Someone who is unbiased gives no preference and can take a situation at face value without taking sides. The few times you should call someone else to help mediate an issue is if you would have a bias during the resolve or if you don't have enough knowledge to figure out how is right and wrong. How well are you acquainted with the forums and navigating through them? (scale from 1-10) 9 I know where most things are and can navigate the forums with ease Being apart of HR (if accepted) doesn’t mean in anyway that you have power over anyone, do you understand and agree with this statement?Yes, the HR team is only one that should help a dissolve an incident or give advice. They have no reason to punish someone let alone the right to punish someone when that decision falls to that of the admins on the forums or the officers over the person in whatever division or squad they are in. We will have biweekly and monthly meetings that you will be required to attend (times will be made to fit schedules of the team members brought in) inactivity or consistant failure to show without a reason can result in your removal from the team, do you understand and agree? Yes If you are presently a member of any teams you may still apply for HR, but you can NOT do HR work inside a department you are in, do you understand and agree? Yes Why should we consider you over other applicants? I believe I should be picked over other applicants for a few reasons. Firstly I am almost if not completely unbiased. I see no point in picking sides, the person who is right is right. If they get mad at me because they were wrong they have no one to blame but themselves for even doing anything like that in the first place. Secondly, I don't get angered very easily I am usually very calm cool and collected even when under pressure or even under fire for making an unpopular decision. Thirdly, despite my lack of time in KSI I have a wealth of community experience and knowledge to help assess the situation and figure out the guilty party or in some cases the cause of the argument. Lastly, I have a lot of free time and can and will commit it to KSI should the situation and or chance arises. I want this clan to succeed above and would love the opportunity to help it be a much safer and calmer place for people who just want to get on and hang out with other members. Thank you for your time.
  7. What can I request

    ok thanks you guys
  8. KSI Lokichu's PFP Request

    Dimensions: Xbox PFP/ Discord PFP whichever is easier (artists choice)*Image: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/524950900302950053/ (image attached but link just incase)Main Text: KSI Lokichu ZSubtext (if any): N/AKSI Logo (yes/no): YesMost Recent Past Request: N/A
  9. What can I request

    I was looking through the requests and it was mainly signatures and banners I was wondering if i was allowed to request something like a profile pic or if it just is limited to a few things such as signatures and banners. Thanks in advance
  10. KSI Airborn 7 FTLA 101 Class

    Gamertag: KSI Lokichu Z Discord: Lokichu Z #8787 Registration For FTLA 101 1. Do you fully understand the FTLA guidelines, and the KSI Code of Conduct? Yes 2. Do you fully understand that FTLA will consist of multiple classes, benchmarks, and scenarios that will be very challenging? yes 3. Which leader recommended you to take this course? KSI Airborn 7 4. Do you understand that their will be strict rules and guidelines regarding mandatory, meetings, and testing? yes 5. How long have you been in KSI and why did you join? 3 weeks cause friends 6. What is your rank and squad? Nemesis RD Captain 7. Have you been blacklisted or DnHed, if so why? Yes, joining a blacklisted community that is no longer blacklisted 8. Everyone has a strength and weakness. What do you think your strengths and weakness are? Experience and laziness 9. Name of General or up that recommended you? KSI Cynical
  11. Thoughts on ZEUSWRATH Lecture

    I liked that Zues asked us on what we thought on the topic and elaborated on every single idea we brought up. I like that interactivity, it helped me established my thought on it and expanded it.
  12. RD Forums Competition

    KSI Lokichu Z Nemesis RD Lieutenant (P.S. Boreas posted twice)
  13. Orion RD Chat

    QOTD: Just the chill yet serious environment it's somehow not too chill or too serious
  14. Thoughts on ZEUSWRATH Lecture

    Thought the lecture was insightful and really thought provoking. Before tonight I only thought that I wanted to relax and stick to low ranking officer roles, but tonight I thought about becoming a general or possibly even a div leader. Long story short, tonight I remembered how fun it can be to think big and dream for the future.