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  1. KSI Criptic

    June 3rd stream

    I will be having a Bachelor party/stream June 3rd at 8pm EST. if you would like to hang out and have a few beers with me (if your of age lol) feel free to chill with me. My twitch is twitch.tv/ksi_criptic BTW I apologize in advance if I die a lot cause I'm going to be Lit up haha
  2. KSI Criptic

    3v3 black ops 3

    Myself and 2 other guys were in TDM and this clan on the other team that goes by STAR clan challenged us. So I say yeah no cause I'll destroy your team. Not to sound cocky but it was the truth. The funny thing is they tried so hard to sound like tough guys and as soon as they saw my score in TDM they shut up and ran like little girls
  3. KSI Criptic


    Thank you I greatly appreciate it...I want to be apart of the twitch team. Also I used to be apart of the XGN comp team on Xbox so if there is a need for help for comps let me know
  4. KSI Criptic


    Just wanted to share my Twitch with everyone....Twitch.tv/KSI_Criptic I try to stream every night at 9pm Eastern Time, come by and chill with me and watch some game play. Drop some comments and a follow and lets have some fun with the PS4 KSI Crew
  5. KSI Criptic

    PS4 -Black Ops III?!

  6. KSI Criptic

    Email Verification issue

    I had a hard time getting my email but i finally got and I'm good to go
  7. KSI Criptic

    New to KSI

    Hey everyone I'm new to KSI I was in XGN but wasn't happy there. But anyways I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone. My GT for PSN is KSI_Criptic