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  1. KSI G0V3RN0R

    Xbox one destiny

    Update I'm now a lvl 31
  2. KSI G0V3RN0R

    Does anyone have Ro Sham Bo ?

    Yea I'll be sure to put it on tonight and let u save it
  3. KSI G0V3RN0R

    Does anyone have Ro Sham Bo ?

    I have a version of ro sham Bo but it has instead of two hallways it has four and so each team will have its own little corridor and so the teams are yellow,purple,red,blue and I think gold
  4. I have really bad luck :(

    1. KSI xDeCePtIoNx

      KSI xDeCePtIoNx

      Really bad connection

  5. KSI G0V3RN0R

    TOPIC: What playlist should be added in Master Chief Collection next?

    Grifball for sure needs to be in halo 5
  6. KSI Governor Jr anyone

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Shock 7

      Shock 7

      Alright that's fine, how hard can it be to take on any Governors with that crazy laggy conection!

    3. Spirefly


      Spire gets honorary Governor because people were mean to her. :D


    4. Shock 7

      Shock 7

      Gov gets honorary demotion for being a gov

  7. KSI G0V3RN0R

    GTA 5 on Xbox one

    If u guys want to do heist we can. u can split the money between the three of u and give me like 10-15%