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  1. Ksiredhood

    Fake News

    Let's talk about the fake news stories that they talked about on Fox NBC CCB ABC . Sorry guys my spelling is not the best but you get what I mean I want everybody to be a hundred percent honest with this and please share links backing it up and evidence please keep everything PG-13 is no cussing I believe in freedom of speech so be honest to the Core.
  2. I was wondering if we could make a Halo 4 squad or World of Tanks quad if it's possible? I know a lot of people still play Halo and there's a lot of people who play World of Tanks please let me know if this is possible if not okay
  3. I'm also a big comic book nerd I love reading Batman Superman Spider-Man Daredevil Deadpool the Justice League Teen Titans I'm also a big professional wrestling fan

  4. Imagine every KSI member has a funny story when they try to recruit someone or they ran to a squeaker who lied to you about their age? Please be honest as possible when posting this and no using profanity if you can do this for me
  5. Hello I am KSI Osiris Z I am from KSI rebirth fu I'm a very friendly person always willing to talk to someone and help them if they need it