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  1. Retired KSI General, currently apart of WCND rn I'm an officer. Just updating my profile. I miss KSI but the div I was in, fell apart pretty much

  2. Sorry I left so promply and didn't discuss why I left. I had some family issues to work out, and girlfriend needed me more than anything because she was sick. I am back and not going to leave

  3. I'm back now, got some problems cleared up.

  4. I'm back now, got some problems cleared up.

  5. For now, I quit KSI.

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    2. KSI Binary

      KSI Binary

      We'll miss ya dude, sorry I didn't join your party when you told everyone you were leaving, I was busy :( hope you come back though

    3. KSI Obsidian7

      KSI Obsidian7

      I dont know you at all but good luck in life cuz its hard out threre. Find peace where ever you go brother.

    4. KSI BIGG PAPA 7
  6. KSIxDarkflame

    Would you rather #1

    Sticky fingers because then I can stick to the walls of buildings and climb up them like Spiderman!! XD
  7. KSIxDarkflame

    Name something you should never do naked

    Walk into a government building
  8. KSIxDarkflame

    new member

    Yes sir. When he does get accepted, will I get a notification or do I need to ask him?
  9. KSIxDarkflame

    new member

    Hello, thank you for taking in interest in joining KSI. Please add my Gamertag on Xbox 360 KSI Darkflame, what games do you play?