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    Account Recovery for old member

    Hello, To whom it may concern most older members remember me, I pop in from time to time as my roots are founded with KSI... Can I please have the access to my original account KSI BL4CKJ2ACK 7. As you can tell right off the bat most of the information correlates with this account Game gave me access a year or two ago then I thought it was the email to this account but apparently not. Please and thank you. Sincerely, The Recon, xCEKAx, Waffles, BlackJack
  2. KSI Recon777

    Halo 6

    I'm a huge fan of halo been playing since it came out been watching closely for any news... Anyone as excited as I am to find something out? What do you guys think will happen as far as plot?
  3. KSI Recon777

    Been a long time

    In a land far far away hardly anyone will probably remember me but what's up guys how y'all been? -KSI Recon
  4. KSI Recon777

    Been a long time

    Thanks been a while feels nice to be back I've been back online for a few months but just been working a lot for the past year so haven't had much time until recently to catch up
  5. KSI Recon777

    Been a long time

    What's up buddy? You don't ever text me haha to busy now a days I guess lol
  6. KSI Recon777

    Black ops 3

    Ok I'll add you
  7. KSI Recon777

    Black ops 3

    I'm pretty sure I'm in the correct area do you guys have anyone or squads in black ops three it would be pretty cool to play with people who have mics and the only game I have? I'm so sorry I don't know how but it made 2 of the same post I apologize in advanced been a while since I used ipb