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  1. Acoustik 7

    Help with the Stress

    HELP! AYUDAME AYUDAME! HELP ME! Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it that is what the KSI leadership is here for. Everyone knows that being a leader, whether it's an officer, general, or higher position, can be very stressful. Even the privates, corporals, and sergeants can feel a little stress from KSI. What I would like to share is that stress you feel over the community is actually a good thing. It means you care about what happens to the community, to your squad, and to your division. So what feels terrible is actually great, in an odd way. Stress itself is never good. That is why I stress to talk to others when you feel it. We are all around to help each other out. Some helpful tips: *Do not make rash decisions when stressed out, you need a clear mind. *Take things one step at a time to release the amount of stress build up *Organize your week out ahead of time. Organize out when the meetings, game nights, and other possible events for that week. So you can visibly see if your over-doing yourself, or how they would say "Stretching yourself thin". Everyone understands each other here. So look into building a friendship around and build support around you so you will always have someone to go to. If it is personal you will know who is there for you and will even be able to vent to them. A few leadership members that are known for being there to listen are KSI Hucklberry, KSI Mizz Airy, and KSI ZeusWrath. I am sure there are more, but those a 3 noteworthy listeners. Here in KSI, we all strive to do the best that we can. That means there will always be hurdles. It is how you choose to handle them. Always look to others in a great time of need.
  2. Acoustik 7

    Discord Game Server Discussion

    Mizz airy came up with a compromise that I can agree with which instead of the million different serves hav one KSI LFG server.
  3. Acoustik 7

    Discord Game Server Discussion

    You need the forum activity but you clearly just stated it's not the hot method of communication anymore. The issue with the forums for this is that it could take days for someone to see the post on here. If I post I need 2 more people for the vault of glass raid on destiny I can't wait those days I need then and there discord is at that moment. It does a better job at bringing the community together then the forums does no one goes on here except the web ops people and the gens and officers that are forced to to post their notes. Other then that this site is only a show for getting recruits by having a formal website. This shouldn't even be a topic we are talking about clan ops here and clan ops stuff moved to discord. There used to be destiny and other game groups on Kik no one raised hell about those. Someone had a good idea for a game server not his or her fault that you guys are bugged by a server your not even in. I don't even think any of y'all are considering the people that actually enjoy it. Last but not least if you truly believe it's taking away from forums activity then discord needs to get dropped all together. What do you think the division servers do, the clan ops and web ops servers do, it's doing the same that Kik did. There is no difference if theres game servers where we can find other game members are there
  4. Things just never change do they?

  5. Acoustik 7

    Favorite book

    Currently reading a good book called all the bright places
  6. I don't regret you nor will I forget you. Your still a friend that taught me many things. Hope you feel the same.

  7. Acoustik 7

    Favourite Pokémon Game?

    Fire red
  8. Acoustik 7

    Research & Development Section

    I'd help
  9. Acoustik 7

    A life without internet

    Yeah it sucks tho when its your only source of activity really....
  10. Acoustik 7

    Marvel or DC?

  11. Acoustik 7

    A life without internet

    That and the only wifi source I can walk to is McDonald's but if I sit and use my laptop there I need to buy food but I'm broke so.....
  12. Acoustik 7

    A life without internet

    That's cause your cheap and don't pay for Internet xD
  13. Acoustik 7

    Ghost Recon Wildlands

    Not sure my friend is tho so I play on his if I like it then possibly
  14. Acoustik 7

    Power Outages

    Play solitare
  15. Acoustik 7

    A life without internet

    These past three days I have been experiencing what's its like to have 0 internet. I have read the only book I have, I have watched every DVD I have, and I'm truely bored out of my mind. I think I finally figured out insanity at its core