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  1. Seen ya changed your tag and your flying solo these days, hit me up on the box bro. im rippin cod ww2 and paladins these days.


    Tell the wifey I said hi too my man <3

  2. KSI Binary

    My current KSI situation

    I'm in a squad but our main games are games I don't play enough :/
  3. KSI Binary

    My current KSI situation

    I'm really trying but it's like I don't have the fight left and I just don't want to lose a community as great as this because of a few bumps in the road, I really am trying to fight for this it's just hard
  4. KSI Binary

    My current KSI situation

    I'm well aware that KSI isn't just one division, I was saying that I currently feel homeless in KSI because of what happened in several divisions
  5. I first joined KSI over a year ago into a Destiny Black Ops Two hybrid squad known as Alaska Wolf. I was recruited by someone who is no longer in KSI known at the time as KSI HELLSFURY and was mentored by several people I can't forget, KSI Rave Nite 7, KSI Chaoticz 7, and KSI Koda 7. My time in Alaska Wolf was unforgettable, I met many people I learned to consider friends and gave me the foundation of support I have for KSI as a whole. But all good things must come to an end... The Xbox One was becoming more and more mainstream and despite the best efforts of our Co-Fo at the time, Koda 7, the squad fell apart. They tried to keep it together but I never fully transferred to the XB1 side of our attempted cross platform squad due to monetary struggles and ended up sitting on the sidelines and squadless for a time. Eventually I was told about a new Halo squad starting up and I was absolutely thrilled, I joined and began making friends again and thought I finally found a place in KSI again. But I guess it wasn't meant to last, our general and friend of mine KSI Big D left KSI and our squad fell apart. The next few months were a struggle to even keep the squad together with a combination flaky leadership as we went through multiple careless generals in weeks and in my opinion, extremely poor decisions by the higher ups in KSI. Our entire division got shut down and we were merged with Synthetic Reality who in my view handled our situation extremely poorly and carelessly treating our broken squad as a chore to train to their standards rather than fellow members. I'm at a point where I have completely distanced myself from what's left of our squad because I am struggling to find a place I feel I belong and I personally think the way SR has handled things has created a deep distrust in their leadership. This is not the KSI I once loved...
  6. KSI Binary

    Weekly Member Spotlight

    Honestly the divisions need to interact with each other more and things like this would work much better
  7. KSI Binary


    My artwork and KSI stuff.
  8. Chillin

    1. KSI xDeCePtIoNx

      KSI xDeCePtIoNx

      Like a tittie killin villain 

  9. KSI Binary

    Favorite Sport?

  10. Can't wait for the monitors bounty update #Halo

  11. KSI Binary

    Its so dead around here.

    Oblivion is right, kik and Xbox are active every day cause that's where I always chill with other KSI members. I wish the forums were more active though, it's a cool resource. Oblivion is right, kik and Xbox are active every day cause that's where I always chill with other KSI members. I wish the forums were more active though, it's a cool resource.
  12. KSI Binary

    Coke vs. Pepsi

    Mountain Dew is Bae
  13. Destiny Gaming with KSI :)