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  1. KSI SugarMama 7: "You want the rest of this ****ing sandwich?" Kid: "Huh?" Mama: "Nothing" I'd love to hear some of the funny things y'all hear in chats with other members
  2. KSI GR1ZZLY 14

    Favorite Athlete

    Ugghhhh D: I want those so much......
  3. KSI GR1ZZLY 14

    Star Trek Online

    Me and a few others have been playing Star Trek Online and we're looking for people to start a fleet with, if anyone plays it on the xbox one hit me up. Its a really fun game, and would love meeting new people for the game.
  4. KSI GR1ZZLY 14

    Primary Xbox one game?

    Battle Field 4
  5. KSI GR1ZZLY 14

    Best team in college football?

    Texas A&M for sure, have y'all seen their defense lately? Been the best it has been in years.
  6. KSI GR1ZZLY 14

    Favorite Athlete

    JJ Watt, all day every day