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  1. White Papi

    Moderator-in-Training Applications - Deadline, Wed. Jan. 25th

    Application Form 1. PC/PSN ID/Xbox Live gamertag: KSI Aryan Fox 2. What division are you in if any? TR 3. What squad are you in, if any? N/a 4. How long have you been in KSI ACTIVE? 6 months 5. How often are you usually on the forums? Multiple times a day for various amounts of time. 6. History of any punishments, (website warnings, suspensions, bans, DNH, Blacklist, etc): I received a warning when I first joined cause I accidently posted on a wrong app the wasn't approved yet. I immediately tried to correct it once I posted and noticed. 7. Define teamwork in your own words. A group working together for a greater purpose or goal. 8. Why do you deserve this opportunity over others? I feel I've show hard work and dedication since I've joined I've moved up the ranks and showed great promise and showed I can work well with others and be fair and remain level headed. 9. What is the most important rule in the KSI code of conduct to you, and why? I would say 2 because KSI is a place of anyone and everyone that's what we pride ourselves on is being so diverse and we shouldn't discriminate because someone is different we should accept everyone and give people a chance. 10. What is your opinion on the concept of "Double Standards"? Such thing should not exist it is completely unfair 11. You understand it is highly likely you will have to deal with individuals at a certain point in time that you don't like but must be willing to work with? I have and still continue to do this being over 3 squads you don't have to necessarily like someone but you should respect them and at least try to be civil. 12. You understand being on the moderation team doesn't make you a KSI god? Yes I'm not the type of person who try's to pull rank or is look at me I'm head hancho you can ask all of my squad mates about this. I truly dislike people who do this. 13. What do you have to offer to the Web-Operations Team? My time dedication a fresh pair of eyes and just my hard work. 14. You understand if we feel you are unfit for the position you can and will be removed at anytime. Yes completely understand if I were in a position where I couldn't perform my tasks properly I would step down before even having to be removed. 15. You understand we expect you to be active daily? Yes and that is no problem for me I already and active daily.
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    Fav games?

  3. Sorry for the spam. Thought my phone wasn't loading

  4. I replied to you post with instructions on how to get your sig

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    16 Superbowl

    Atlanta that's coming from a colts fan
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    Favorite Sport?

    Rugby and hockey