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    I am intrested in acting and singing.Im a hard worker looking to become one of KSIs best members. I am the best of the best generals.

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  1. Alright why create another server before the original server was shut down? You also turned that server into a roast session on your divisional leader Achilles this is potrayed as a mutiny to me , causing a uproar in his division. If you wanted to help build and recruit why would you oppose your leader and create a seperate server?
  2. RD got him Please add KSI ZEUSWRATH 7
  3. You have to understand that we are not familiar with you. All you need to do is find your witnesses that were here and losing your patience isn't going to change anything just going to make more unneeded issues.
  4. Alright if you felt the situation at hand should have been handled privatley why didnt you pull them in a pm yourself? Because you reacting made the situation in your squad chat worse because all memebers saw it.
  5. Im happy to be.
  6. He is not a nerd.
  7. I've not seen much of anyone I think we should postpone, but thats just me
  8. I can witness for Jack Of All Trades: This woman here is an all rounded leader she can pretty much build a squad, division while updating cms, and squad at the same damn time. She also took all FTLA Classes with me our teacher HUCKLEBERRY 7 Mentor: Seeing that she is a FTLA Mentor she has students throught every division and were on top of this FTLA Classes so give it to her because I said so.
  9. How are you?
  10. I can testify to all he's older than dirt.
  11. Applications are closed I will not be receiving anymore applicants.
  12. Role Model: I can testify that all his members in his squad do respect him and consider him a role model. Mad Max: I can tell you thos squad has ran him up and down since he joined. I know I have worked his butt since he joined. This guy is well insane after my expectations. Master Trainer: This guy from past story's can train his butt off and has trained most of my div staff when they had started so definitely a hell yeah because he has trained the elite.
  13. What were your thoughts on the lecture?
  14. After doing some research on your last couple of appeals. It seems when put under pressure is when vulnerable. Now my next question is if you were not comfortable with vA booting why did you help them boot someone offline?