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  1. KSI_Doombear

    Do you vape? If so favorite flavor?

    Usually go with Pink Lemonade Anarchist from the anarchist line, or Pure from the aqua line
  2. KSI_Doombear

    Returning from Inactivity

    Hey everyone! I'm just now getting back into gaming after being inactive for a little over a year. I game on ps4 and have so far had no luck contacting any of the people from my former squad. My psn ID is EvilDrDoombear holler at me if y'all want to party up!
  3. KSI_Doombear

    Marvel or DC?

    Definitely Marvel
  4. KSI_Doombear

    Hey Guys :P

    I've been alright. Had little time for gaming lately sadly.
  5. KSI_Doombear

    Hey Guys :P

    Hey guys long time no see. How's everyone doing eh?
  6. KSI_Doombear

    Favorite rock musician?

    I'd have to go with either Metallica or Pantera
  7. KSI_Doombear

    Favorite Poem/Poet?

    I love Annabelle Lee, definitely a good one. So is the Raven and of course Tell tale heart isn't bad
  8. KSI_Doombear

    Favorite Athlete

    My favorite driver would have to be Kevin Harvick. I got to meet him, Mark Martin, and Bobby Allison this past April.
  9. KSI_Doombear

    Favorite Athlete

    Who is your favorite athlete ever?
  10. KSI_Doombear

    Would you rather #5

    I'd rather have to smell it honestly. I despise not smelling clean.
  11. KSI_Doombear

    Would you rather #5

    Would you rather: Constantly smell like poop and not know it, or always have to smell poop that nobody else can smell
  12. KSI_Doombear

    Would you rather #5

  13. KSI_Doombear

    Would you rather #5

    Would you rather: Have a dragon or be a dragon
  14. KSI_Doombear

    Would you rather #5

    Run for me
  15. KSI_Doombear

    Would you rather #5

    Would you rather: Be able to run at 100mph or be able to fly at 10mph