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  1. COG SliPKN0T

    What song are you listening to?

    My Love - Justin Timberlake www.youtube.com/watch?v=kB7UUtSG9kU www.youtube.com/watch?v=kB7UUtSG9kU
  2. COG SliPKN0T

    Moderator-in-Training Application Form

    1. PC/PSN ID/Xbox Live gamertag: KSI Kiyoko 2. What division are you in if any? N/A 3. What squad are you in, if any?n/a 4. How long have you been in KSI ACTIVE? 1 Week i'm planning on staying 5. How often are you usually on the forums? Everyday 6. History of any punishments, (website warnings, suspensions, bans, DNH, Blacklist, etc): no 7. Define teamwork in your own words. Teamwork can be defined as the ability to work cooperatively with others and work together as opposed to separately or competitively to achieve a common goal. Teamwork is used in all aspects of life. Analyze any situation or task involving more than one person: in almost all cases, the outcome can only be positive if a sufficient amount of teamwork is used. For example, a marriage will only work if both partners put in the effort. A sports team will not be successful unless the team works together as a unit. A business or cooperation will not survive unless all members work as one team. Whether or not each individual realizes it, they are putting complete trust in the other members of their "team to work together and achieve one common goal. 8. Why do you deserve this opportunity over others? 9. What is the most important rule in the KSI code of conduct to you, and why? Rule # with in the code of conduct 7. KSI members must maintain a professional manner and attitude during play as well as within lobby chat (This also applies to things like Skype, KIK, Facebook, etc). I Highly think in my opinion that rule should be Covering My Main Attitude & the amount of effort as Us as a whole community In a way All KSI Gamers in General Conduct ourselves 10. What is your opinion on the concept of "Double Standards"? My Opinion Of Double Standards Are that you that a group of people that will Bring More To The Plate Instead Of Bringing the "Neutral" Standards They Bring More than Expected. 11. You understand it is highly likely you will have to deal with individuals at a certain point in time that you don't like but must be willing to work with? Yes i am aware of that 12. You understand being on the moderation team doesn't make you a KSI god? Being on the moderation team or any team doesn't make you a "God" It is basically yourself in a position Of Becoming a Leader that Needs too follow the Rules & Accept the Consequences no matter Right Or Wrong Basically in my viewpoint you are leading by example. 13. What do you have to offer to the Web-Operations Team? The Best I Can offer which is 100% Trust & Loyality 14. You understand if we feel you are unfit for the position you can and will be removed at anytime. Yes I Understand 15. You understand we expect you to be active daily? Yes
  3. COG SliPKN0T

    What's your real job?

    Graphic Artist & d.j. i sing but not really that good i'm currently do tattoos & piercings at my local shop
  4. happiness can be found even in the darkness of times if only one remembers too turn on the light-albus dumbledor

  5. happiness can be found even in the darkness of times if only one remembers too turn on the light-albus dumbledor

  6. COG SliPKN0T

    Looking for anime to watch

    try Ghost in a shell I & II
  7. COG SliPKN0T

    Need 360 friends for destiny

    i need destiny people for my 360