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  1. KSI Concordia

    Its so dead around here.

  2. If you can, plesse message KSI Concordia on Xbox One or moran_beau_a on kik
  3. KSI Concordia

    Trump vs. Hillary

    I like trump for the most part.
  4. KSI Concordia

    Favorite Athlete

    ^ I have JJ Watts limited edition Nikes, Grizzly
  5. KSI Concordia

    Trump vs. Hillary

    I'd pick trump because he is more honest regardless of how he expresses his thoughts
  6. KSI Concordia

    Favorite Energy Drink

    Monster still wins
  7. KSI Concordia

    official Vocalz Harem Award signatures

    I didn't realize that I'm in Airy's signatures Or hers
  8. KSI Concordia

    What's your real job?

    I seriously need a job lol
  9. KSI Concordia

    Will the site update be up soon?

    Just wondering
  10. KSI Concordia

    Need people to play with

    Always down to chat
  11. KSI Concordia

    Favorite Athlete

    Steph Curry
  12. KSI Concordia

    What other groups can I be in?

    I feel like I do, I have no life.