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  1. King Panda

    My mom

    This is a post because I need to let it out and im tired of being away from this community over my emotions. My moms cancer came back and we found out to late. It had already destroyed her kidneys. And at first the doctors thought shed be ok they were running chemo again but with it also affecting other areas it got harder. My mother meant the world to me and shes prob not gonna make it to christmas. This is for her: From when i was 3 You watched me drink my tea Like a happy child id sit and stare And wondered wheres my underwear Youd laugh at me Reach my level and say Son your so forgetful But your always here to stay No matter what Youd let me into your heart You cared about me more then Any mother should Forgave me for my sins Accepted me for who i am But how am i to accept you As this As this fragile Sickly thing I watch you lay and groan in pain Dont worry the doctors say youll Be ok You did Its over the battle is won Never shall it ever Come back to us again One day i meet a guy Mom he means the world to me But never as much As you Mom i asked the magic question Youll have another son Mom whats wrong Are you going to be ok? Now i watch again As you lay and groan in pain. Except only this time The doctors arent saying Youll be ok Mom christmas is coming soon What about you? Your birthday is only a month away Will you get to see that too I cant bare to see you go I cant bare to hear your pain You were the world to me And where are you now. Mom you going to miss the wedding Mom your going to miss my next birthday This is fair I want to say mom Youll be ok You will be ok even if its not here with me Youll be there and watching over me Ill miss you when you go Please just try and fight Mom its not the right time Please just so you know I love you mom Ill never let you go
  2. King Panda

    PHP Assistance Requested

    Fun in deed the only think im still trying to understand is what you mean by The gamertag (username) shows a full list of the notes attached to it. Searching by ID only pulls the note with that ID #. You want it to show a full list not just that ID #?
  3. Besties: BabyMama and Nex Addo <3 <3

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    Favorite book

  5. King Panda

    Favorite book

    twilight saga.....Sarcastic< but forreals i love the divergent series
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    Favorite song

    love the way you lie part 1 eminem and rihanna
  7. King Panda

    Favorite rock musician?