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  1. KSI LadyOnYou

    Which headset is the best?

    They're a good brand. Excellent if you plan on streaming and what not in the future.
  2. KSI LadyOnYou

    Ark Survival Evolved

    I know my opinion doesn't really matter but I could totally see this going somewhere
  3. KSI LadyOnYou

    Which headset is the best?

    I've always gone with turtle beaches when I finally decided to get a good quality headset. Those stealth 500x are comfy as hell.
  4. KSI LadyOnYou

    My story

    The whole world is dumb, but the really scary thing is that half of the world is even dumber than the rest. lool
  5. KSI LadyOnYou

    My story

    Very true but when theyre constantly hounding for your blood it can get old hella quick lol. Especially when they're hiding behind excuses as to why the do it lol.
  6. KSI LadyOnYou

    My story

    Well like I said I had a lot less balls in me back then than I do now. Plus the overwhelming amount of hate and **** I get from people in KSI for my gender probably would have made me crack back then. Tough shell on the outside but a softie on the inside lol.
  7. KSI LadyOnYou

    My story

    This is disjointed as **** but **** it. Here's my story. First off introductions: My current gamer tag as of this writing is KSI LadyOnYou. My RL(real life) is Jarod Taylor. Born and raised in White Cloud, Michigan. I'm currently 23 years old and I identify as a transgender female though I have not as of yet gone through transition. As most of you may know by now I was formerly catfishing as Anita Guittierez for the past year. Why did I do this you may have asked yourself at some point before settling on your own conclusion but here is the truth as to why I did this terrible thing. Over a year ago I decided to assume a false identity with another person photo. I never used any of their real life info besides those photographs. Everything else about them was me 100%( insert scoffing and rolling of the eyes of people that don't believe any of this drivel.) I joined a couple obscure social media apps and lived out my double life on those to see if people liked me more as a man than as a woman, naturally with the photo I used people were willing to excuse my unsavory behavior because I was "hot." I continued to build small friendships here and there wherever I went but never went so far as to engage in anything besides friendship when a certain individual came to me asking if I would join this amazing community that they were involved in on Xbox. Naturally I was hesistant as this would put me in a lot more contact with other people and my double life would have been put in jeopardy. After a little prodding and what not I decided I'd take the risk of getting found out and joined KSI. I was originally part of Hellfire in the Inferno squad and I was almost exposed from the start because of my first KSI GT was eerily similar to a previous mute female that had joined KSI but was later exposed as a male. (I have no affiliation with KSI SINON nor have I ever met or contacted them.) After my rather rocky start I settled into HF were I was introduced to the KSI lifestyle. I made a couple exceptional friends there, one of which I later fell in love with. I went through two squads splits before settling down into my new squad Hadyn ( I was super proud when it was named that squad because I had really perservered to win that vote count.) Those of us that were in that squad struggled to build it because for the most part that squad was 98% fluff at its conception. We all got burned out on that endless COD grind and the squad fell apart because of it, not due to anyones lack of leadership ability as many suggested was the cause for it. Well **** i got off track again anyways back to the story. After the squad fell apart I drifted from my squad and Division where I eventually I found myself chilling with the higher ups of this community. I don't know how it happened but some how I found myself becoming friends with the very people that tried to expose me back when I first joined! Crazy right? Yeah that's what I thought too. I still shake my head at it sometimes and laugh at the absurdity of it all haha. Anyways continuing onwards I found my friendship deeping with those knuckleheads and a shadow of guilt began to creep through me as the months went by and I got to know these guys better. I began to feel guilty for lying to them about who I really was and the guilt slowly began to eat away at me from the inside outward. I know I come across as a mouthy ***** that gives no ****s about anything most of the time, which is true but thats not how I am 100% of the time more like 75%. You're really lucky if you get to see that 25%. Anyways moving on again before I get sidetracked again haha. For a couple weeks I thought about just admitting to everyone who I really was but frankly I lacked the balls to go through with it. So I decided to lie yet again about my roommate taking back ownership of his account and see how people would react to the male me. I didnt think I could possibly feel more guilty than I already did but my guilt increased even more. When I saw how sad and depressed many people were when I said Anita was gone for a bit. I think that was the straw that finally broke the camels back and gave me the gumption to just come out. It's been weeks since I came out of the closet so to speak and I still can feel the ripples that reveal caused.Ah now here comes the part where this will get a little bit random so try to bear with me if anybodys even made it this far.I've made my apologies and accepted my sentence by the community and the individuals residing within it. Yeah what I did was crummy and wrong on so many levels and I acknowledge that. I know things can never be the way there were before and I'm okay with that as well. My exile and revilement is my cross to bear and bear it proudly I will always do. This message wasn't a cry for help or anything of the sort. I also don't think oif myself as the victim in this scenario either despite what some of you might think or say otherwise, but enough of me ranting as this has drawn on quite lo0ng enough as it is. I may have done this community so many wrongs and I accept responsibility for all of them but I'll always consider this place and everyone in it no matter who you might be as my family. I'm content to be the black sheep of this communtiy if that's what it takes ya''ll to move on from this **** then so be it.That's all I have to say further on this topic. KSI LadyOnYou Signing Off
  8. KSI LadyOnYou

    First Attempted KSI Sig

    My novice KSI Sig
  9. KSI LadyOnYou

    Top 10 Favorite Anime

    1. Log Horizon Season 1 & 2 2. Fairy Tail 3. Yu Yu Hakusho 4. Ruroni Kenshin 5. Eden of the East 6.Tears to Tiara 7. Inuyasha 8. Bleach 9. Overlord 10. Sword Art Online Not ranked in order of popularity
  10. KSI LadyOnYou


    I want my awards back :/
  11. Hello Darkness my old friend.

  12. KSI LadyOnYou

    Add me on xb1

    Do I look like a higher up to you? @KSI Devi Cat
  13. KSI LadyOnYou

    Add me on xb1

    If you're going to make a blog like this you really should state what games you usually play on a consistent basis.
  14. Look more like a great potato head to me lawl

  15. Look more like a great potato head to me lawl