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  1. KSI DrWobbles


    I agree on the bf1 stuff I can run that if ud like but @KSI Monkeyy 7 I'm thinking we shld do a cod iw tournament again to kick off the last of this game basically because of the WW2 coming out in nov
  2. KSI DrWobbles

    Tournaments & Events Official Staff Applications

    Posted August 8 KSI Tournaments and Event Applications Form: This form serves as the application to join T&E. The following positions are open and need to be filled. Division Reps - AK (1), SR (1), RD (1), FU (2), FS (2) Game Reps - COD, Halo, R6Siege, Destiny 1&2, Overwatch, Titanfall This form must be filled in fully please use this template ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Gamertag:KSI DrWaddle 7 Squad/Division: Arcane Kings Rank:Co Founder Preferred Position:AK Division Rep or higher if needed Why do you want to be a part of T&E Staff? AK needed some help and i know there needs to be a representative and im applying for it. What can you bring to the T&E department? Knowledge for basically any game that i have and also knowledge within the forums inside and out. Do you have an experience with Tournaments and/or events? (If so explain): I helped run a COD IW torunament earlier this year. Have you read the T&E handbook? (See the link below) yes http://forums.ksiglobal.com/topic/108380-ksi-tournaments-and-events-official-handbook/
  3. KSI DrWobbles


    All depends I have a dm8 and ego 11
  4. KSI DrWobbles


    i know me and KSI Space Ops 7 does idk about anyone else
  5. I don't know if there was ever one or not but make a drop box or an archive in the join section labeled accepted or denied to help clean it up a bit.
  6. KSI DrWobbles

    Joining KSI

    Yes you are correct on posting in the wrong topic. https://forums.ksiglobal.com/forum/54-general/ this link is for general discussion feel free to post in here. Topic closed.
  7. KSI DrWobbles

    Battlefield 1 (xbox one)

    http://forums.ksiglobal.com/forum/122-join-ksi/. Start a new topic in here under the join using the template given to you and someone will contact you soon after
  8. KSI DrWobbles


  9. KSI DrWobbles

    Rainbow six siege squads

    There is a rainbow six siege squad in TR if interested in transfering I can set you up with the right people.
  10. KSI DrWobbles

    Ghost Recon Wildlands

    Can't wait for this game
  11. KSI DrWobbles

    What's your real job?

    Diesel mechanic / wrecker operator