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  1. Dziony

    Give me some PC looovveee!

    Hell yeah I okay with a few buddies I know growing up with. You're always more than welcomed to play with us be pretty awesome
  2. Dziony

    Give me some PC looovveee!

    Hahaha yes yes Dota 2 I've been playing lol for like 4 years now. I don't want to know how many hours I got in it.... I've prob played over 2k matches... :,(
  3. Dziony

    Give me some PC looovveee!

    Probably one of the most team coordinated games out there. Also good way to possibly recruit I might try through there but then again do we even have a PC division or anything for people to get assigned to?
  4. Dziony

    Give me some PC looovveee!

    Where is all the damn PC gaming love at!? I'm not a huge PC gamer but I do play some games. I play LoL and I was seeing if possible maybe get enough people from the KSI community to make a LOL team? If you play it let me know thank you that is all take care now, bye bye then hasta la vista.....baby
  5. Dziony


    Devil Cat! Noooo more future! There's plenty of other futuristic FPS's
  6. Dziony


    Haha okay I'll hop on
  7. Dziony


    I was bummed with the infinite warfare...Well if you ever decide to hop back on it let me know! I played 2 online matches so far haha.
  8. Dziony

    New years eve

    Sorry Death if I saw this I would have been all for it! We can always have a belated New Years drinking game night
  9. Dziony


    Yeah it was 60% off on live so I thought why not haha. I always enjoyed infinite wards campaigns (cod4-MW3) so I thought it would be pretty good. Infinity ward*
  10. Dziony

    Best Game of All Time

  11. Dziony


    I just bought COD ghosts off Xbox live. Was wondering if anyone still plays it? I know it's a couple years old now...
  12. Dziony

    Do you watch the news? How often?

    Not much at all. I find the news seems to only cover bad things (shooting, killing, stealing, etc) for the most part. It's fairly depressing to hear the same stuff over and over.
  13. Dziony

    For rank

    Awesome! I'm glad you all seemed to like the idea
  14. Dziony

    For rank

    That's a good idea Koda. Would make it pretty simple and I doubt it would be hard for them to add that