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  1. KSI AlphaBeast7

    New years resolution

    yes yes yes bleachs manga is amazing ive haven't readthe latest but they really got itchigo pegged out as pure badass
  2. KSI AlphaBeast7

    For rank

    That's sounds really good for real
  3. KSI AlphaBeast7

    New years resolution

    So what's everyone's new years resolution? ?? Mines to learn a new skill I'm someone who likes to learn so everyone let's hear it
  4. KSI AlphaBeast7

    Training time

    I would like to have a trainING night set up soon as possible for everyone want g to learn more myself included cause there's always so.e thing someone can teach to make us better have a good one everyone
  5. KSI AlphaBeast7

    VALOR FR recruiting party night

    Wenesday December 14 after our zombies game night I would like for few squad members and myself to.go.on a hard core recruiting on bop3 and iw