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    gameing/Anime/Nightcore music/vocaloid Music/Darwing/Talking with friends/Smite

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  1. KSI Jak

    Lost Saga

    any Lost saga players in ksi? if not and u wanna try it out watch this vid to find out about lost saga sign up : http://lostsaga.z8games.com/signup/?from=388036&pc=1
  2. KSI Jak

    NFL team Favorite?

    saints *~*
  3. KSI Jak

    Favorite pet?

    im both a dog and cat person
  4. KSI Jak

    Adding KSI members for xbox one

    GT : KSI Nagisa
  5. KSI Jak

    Primary Xbox one game?

    i swich between games all the time but mostly is Bo3 (until Bo2 comes backword Cabbuity) Destiny / Over watch / Smite/ RainBow Six Seige
  6. KSI Jak

    Favorite NFL Team

  7. KSI Jak

    Favorite rock musician?

    Three Days Grace
  8. KSI Jak

    What song are you listening to?

    Mostly Dubstep Remixes of Gameing Songs
  9. KSI Jak

    Favorite rock song?

    Meg & Dia - Monster
  10. KSI Jak

    Favorite Type Of music

  11. KSI Jak

    Anime series

    the series i watch is mostly gore/horror but lately i have been watching alot of action and romance lately
  12. KSI Jak

    Looking for anime to watch

    Try Tokyo Ghoul or Assasstion Classroom
  13. KSI Jak

    Goku VS Alucard

  14. KSI Jak

    Sword Art Online or Tokyo Ghoul?

    i like both but my fav is still Tokyo Ghoul