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  1. KSI MercysAngel

    KSI wide Game night!

    Hey all. I am hosting a KSI wide game night tonight at 8pm est. It is a friendly game for all of KSI to chill together and have fun. All divisions welcome the game is again black op3.. we will be live from 8pm est to 10pm est. I would love to see as many of yall as possible. Let show the whole of KSI that we are united in this fun game Night. We will range from team death matches to free for alls Let's have a blast. You can join in on my gamer tag KSI mercysangel
  2. KSI MercysAngel

    KSI Global T Shirts

    Totally interested
  3. KSI MercysAngel

    Game night for black ops 3 Ksi wide

    Hey yall we are doing a game night for Ksi wide on bo3 if yall want to come yall are more then welcome please contact me to let me know. my gamer tag is KSI MERCYSANGEL We are starting at 730pm est. we would love to see you there. It is a friendly game night not a competitive one. let's have some fun!