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  1. July of the Month Winners 2017

    Congratulations to the July 2017 of the Month Winners! For those who did not win, keep up the great work and keep pushing towards being a winner in August. Senior leader - KSI Cali 7 Director - KSI N3XUS 7 Division Leader - KSI Mizz Airy Co-Division Leader - KSI Anubis Founder - KSI Beat 7 Co-Founder - KSI Bruin 7 General - KSI Izzy 7 Officer - KSI MercyAngel Member - KSI Obliterate Global Member - KSI Monkeyy 7 Forum Staff - KSI Monkeyy 7 Streamer - KSI Oblivious
  2. KSI GTA Fails montage project!

    GAMERTAG: KSI Jay Fox Media: I don't remember Clips Entering: IDC, pick what you want.
  3. Welcome KSI's Newest Moderators!

    Welcome KSI's Newest Moderators! By Jay Fox Becoming a KSI Moderator is a huge deal and a truly rare occasion. When it happens, it’s a big team effort to pick the most qualified member to become a Moderator. On 8/2/17 the KSI forums staff and Administration brought three new Moderators to the team: KSI Bizarre KSI Achilles 7, and KSI Airborn 7 are the newest additions to join the forums staff. As well as brining in a new Global Moderator KSI Mizz Airy, who just stepped down from her reign as Co-Head of the Department of Web Operations. From all of KSI, congratulations on your new roles in KSI and we wish you the best of luck in your new endeavor!
  4. Why do you try? Everyone you do something happens to put you down. 

  5. The trick is to find the open doors, not to be stuck in the room you are in.

  6. why must people always complain about everything?

    1. KSI Binary

      KSI Binary

      tis the nature of human beings

  7. Hey bud, you may want to switch logo's you have the logo from .ORG :) 

  8. CMS Recommendation

    The thing would be they would most likely need to put a policy on place for it. I personally don't think it is such a good idea with all the threats and attscks KSI has been having lately. And with the club, bring it to waddles or your gen to see what can be done, that's either a squad or division rule because at one points I was able to allow folks into clubs in my old squad.
  9. CMS Recommendation

    For majors cool, could not see every officer having access to it tho, officers come and go to much, it would be crazy hard for the CMS admins to keep track.
  10. CMS Recommendation

    Well with the club thing the club owner could make you an admin. CMS the reason only Gens and up can see it is for security reasons and for "view only accounts" it would be to much work for the cms admin to have to get accounts for gens and then officers. It's not fair to them. And they also have SGT tag and Squad tag on the discord you can contact that group of memebers.
  11. What do you all think of the new Star Wars movies?

    Agree %100. The old movies will allways be the best in my opion
  12. Marketing Department

    I would be willing to help with all that If you need help just tell me.
  13. AAP Award Suggestions

    Some volunteers don't get certifications right away, or into a class comes around. Police and EMT's yes but it's harder for volunteer firefighters I have nothing to proof for it besides my gear into I take firefighter one in a month or so.
  14. Discord Communication Changes

    Okie dokie.
  15. KSI Biddulph 7

    Donor - Not awarded by AAP. Only by JT. Top Donor - Not awarded by AAP. Only by JT. Hot Shot - Please send an AAP rep a screenshot of your 1.5 overall KD. Tuning In - Honor System. Yes. Socialist - Honor System. Yes. Member Assistance - Please have two witnesses Officer or above post here. Jack of All Trades - Have you completed FTLA 101, FTLA 202, recruited over 100 members, held 10 squad meetups, and attended 10 meetings (in a row)? Come on Ref - Which tournament or tournament game did you referee or assist in? Mentor - Please send screenshots to an AAP rep of 5 members bios of profiles that show you as their mentor. Role Model - Please send screenshots to an AAP rep of 5 members bios or profiles that show you as their mentor. Better with Friends - Please send a screenshot to an AAP rep of the fill lobby of KSI members. Mad Max - Please explain your reasons for deserving this award. Master Trainer - Please have two witnesses Co-Founder and above post in here. Humanitarian - Please have two witnesses that you have bought items for post here. More proof the better. Making a Difference - Please send an AAP rep screenshot proof. Bronze Donor - Please send an AAP rep screenshot proof. -If you don't know how to send screenshots of for proof contact your Gen and they will give you the AAP Rep for your division.