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  1. KSI Ezekiel UD

    Weekly Member Spotlight

    The OTM's are highly used and people try to get them its not like no one is getting them or no one is nominating people its super popular everyone knows 1st-8th is nomination time, so i'm sorry but i disagree on that but it could be added to the OTM's and just that one is getting the "spotlight" and the rest are announced on twitch.
  2. KSI Ezekiel UD

    Weekly Member Spotlight

    I think this is great, and it should be easy almost like OTM nominations but for MMS (Monthly Member Spotlight)
  3. I would like to congratulate wolfsniper and atombomb on their promotions to cpl. And maj. You guys earned it

  4. KSI Frootloop88 can get these hands.

  5. KSI Frootloop88 can get these hands.