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  1. Altair S7

    Squad subforums

    I 100 percent agree with this. This was the way we did things in United and DBD, I love how a whole squad can have a section to themselves
  2. Altair S7

    Phoenix Rising squad

    That was the only requirement we were given. To get 150 members.
  3. Altair S7

    Phoenix Rising squad

    Yeah so we are at 150 now. Can we have a section set up?
  4. Altair S7

    NFL team Favorite?

    Green Bay. I'm starting to follow the Falcons too.
  5. Altair S7

    Favorite Athlete

    Mine was always Farve
  6. Glad to get back in action. I haven't been around a community in a while. Feel free to add me on Xbox!