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  1. KSI Mr Tyrant

    What are thoughts on current politics?

    Trump sucks. Lol.
  2. KSI Mr Tyrant

    Return to KSI

    Hey bud, definitely remember your gt. Not officially a KSI member, but I do hope so soon. Ready to put in work and I look forward to becoming a leader in KSI again.
  3. KSI Mr Tyrant

    Return to KSI

    DHG Mr Tyrant
  4. KSI Mr Tyrant

    Return to KSI

    Yes sir. No rush. Lol. Whenever you guys aren't busy.
  5. KSI Mr Tyrant

    Return to KSI

    I also apologize for my late response. I'm on Xbox. Online every single day.
  6. KSI Mr Tyrant

    Return to KSI

    What's up, ya'll. I was in KSI about a year ago or so and definitely was looking forward to joining back again. It was under different leadership which was why I left but I see some things have changed, so I would like to give KSI another go. My gt is DHG Mr Tyrant. Or you can reach me at my Kik, which is the same as my gt.
  7. KSI Mr Tyrant

    Return to KSI

    Good afternoon, everyone. I would like to say, I wish to return to KSI and have fun like I did when I was still in KSI. Some things presented themselves and I followed along with it. I can now say it was a mistake from which I learned from and it dawned on me I had a good thing going in KSI. I almost achieved the Major position, which I really wanted and worked so hard to get there, but like I said, I made a mistake and here I am. I won't be doing that again. I want be somewhere stable and get on everyday to get done what needs to be done. From this point on, if I am to return to KSI, I will be more active than I was before, more leadership, more commitment, more everything really. Lol. Of course, it's all just words, but I'm not the kind of guy who talks the talk and then doesn't do the fancy looking walk.
  8. KSI Mr Tyrant

    KSI Mr Tyrant

    Division: Hellfire Squad: Abyss
  9. KSI Mr Tyrant

    KSI Mr Tyrant

    Afternoon ya'll, I'm Tyrant and I'm new here. Just joined a few days ago. I look forward to becoming a leader within KSI and perhaps even one day, be in the Hall of Fame. I have a question for anyone who has an answer: I would like to change my username on here to to my gamertag, how would I go about doing that?