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  1. KSI Kirito 7

    Adding KSI members for xbox one

    KSI Silver Fox is my gt add me as long as I own the game I'm usually willing to play
  2. KSI Kirito 7

    Name something you should never do naked

    With an Uber driver, or paintballing
  3. KSI Kirito 7

    Top 10 Favorite Anime

    1. Sword Art Online 2. Seven Deadly Sins 3. Fairy Tail 4. Naruto Shippuden 5. Soul Eater 6. Bleach 7. Full Metal Alchemist 8. DBZ 9. Dragon Ball Super 10. cowboy bebop
  4. KSI Kirito 7

    Favorite Anime Character of All Time?

    Mine will always be Kirito.
  5. KSI Kirito 7

    Does Naruto grow out of his ways?

    How else is suppose to do his Hokage duties and attend the party?
  6. KSI Kirito 7

    Favorite Netflix Movie?

    Any 30 for 30 documentary.
  7. KSI Kirito 7

    Best Superhero Movie

  8. KSI Kirito 7

    Favourite TV show of all time?

    The wife has made me watch quite a few times now and I like it quite a bit now Orange is the new Black
  9. KSI Kirito 7

    Favorite rock musician?

    AC/DC and Aerosmith
  10. KSI Kirito 7

    Favorite movie

    Ghost I know that it's weird explains a lot about me
  11. KSI Kirito 7

    Favorite Type Of music

    Rap/Hip Hop/R&B
  12. KSI Kirito 7

    Favorite Sports Movie

  13. KSI Kirito 7

    Favorite Athlete

    Dr. J
  14. KSI Kirito 7

    NFL team Favorite?

    The Denver Broncos
  15. KSI Kirito 7

    Favorite NBA Team

    This is only sport that I don't root for a Colorado team I'm a Timberwolves fan.