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  1. CrazyHedge

    Admin Request Box.

    May @SpringChicken87 receive permission to production staff area, please and thank you. @Kered 7 @Game 7
  2. CrazyHedge

    Admin Request Box.

    May @KSI FORMAL have KSI YouTube Channel access and permissions please and thank you.
  3. CrazyHedge

    Admin Request Box.

    Could I please have @KSI FORMAL added as my Co lead, and granted permissions to production staff...and have @KSI Warr added to production staff please. Thank you.
  4. CrazyHedge

    Admin Request Box.

    @Anatomy <3 could you please double check that @Knox 7 has access to production staff please, he says he can't get access to it yet. Thank you.
  5. CrazyHedge

    Admin Request Box.

    @Kered 7 @Game 7 could @Knox 7 and @KSI SSGSS GOKU get access to Production staff area please?
  6. CrazyHedge

    Admin Request Box.

    @Kered 7 @Game 7 Could I please have the Fanatic Clip Montage Competition from Sept 8th - Oct 8th closed off so no one else can enter montages, thank you? I will reopen a new one for October 10th -November 10th from last month will be posted Thursday. And the ones before that will be posted tomorrow.
  7. CrazyHedge

    Admin Request Box.

    May I please have Messiah 77 added as my Co-lead on forums, please? @Kered 7 @Game 7 also may he get permissions for YouTube channel as well, thank you.
  8. CrazyHedge

    Admin Request Box.

    Yes that would make it easier thank you. @Kered
  9. CrazyHedge

    Admin Request Box.

    Yes I approve of this and is it possible to have this done? @Game 7
  10. CrazyHedge

    Admin Request Box.

    May I please have: Drunk Dragon KSI FORMAL Ksi x Oblivious Ksi Panda Sr KSI MESSIAH 77 KSI YinKo KSI Nizzy and myself added to the Production staff group please? Also firstaid, Thank you! @Game 7 @Anatomy <3 @Kered
  11. CrazyHedge

    Montage competition

    @KSI x Oblivious starting next month would you like to get this competition going? And how many entries is a person a lowd to enter in the competition?
  12. CrazyHedge

    Montage competition

    And what would the prizes be?
  13. CrazyHedge

    Montage competition

    Yes, that's a great idea love it!! When do you want to start? And does staff get to enter in montages as well, or just vote? @KSI x Oblivious
  14. Hey guys I'll be hosting a game day later this morning in about 4-5hrs for is open to join...come and meet new people or just hang and chill. I'll probably have it go till around 3 or 4pm Est. Hope to see you there!! :)