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  1. KSI Kinghellish

    Ban Game! (MODs and ADMINs see description)

    I can everyone who has posted thus far for participating
  2. KSI Kinghellish

    Chat box

    Delete I just realized I was logged out.
  3. KSI Kinghellish

    Suggestion for a new upcoming game for a Squad

    As happy as I am in this game coming I don’t think it would really do much good most squads are hybrid squads of two of game types while this would be just one. Even on my end I like to see growth of squads but this game alone I don’t really see it being a active squad unless it was implemented into a hybrid squad which I see unlikely to happening.
  4. KSI Kinghellish


    1v100 if anyone still has that
  5. KSI Kinghellish

    Apperal sponsor!

    If your looking for good printing when I had my esports shirts made I went to http://pwnitwear.com/ Everything is done in America no outsourcing and there shirts fell amazing I felt like I wasn’t wearing anything.
  6. KSI Kinghellish


    I would like to have a halo wars 2 tournament 3v3s would be really fun
  7. KSI Kinghellish

    KSI Goals

    I have also suggested what koda said before anonymous posts there are people who have great ideas but are afraid to tell them. But one thing I would like to see is more interaction with the leaders. Since I’ve been in ksi between 2 division I myself have got to talk to 4 higher ups (higher then the rank cofo) in a conversation where they actually talk. We need gamenights where it’s division wide 7s vs everyone else something to get them acquainted with others. I have more ideas but work so I’ll write more later.
  8. KSI Kinghellish

    Admin Request Error

    Yea @.Kodajust figured maybe it might have happened to someone else.
  9. KSI Kinghellish

    Admin Request Error

    So on forums there’s a chat I think it’s meant for cofo and above or founder in above that we aren’t supposed to be able to see so happened I was able to see it so I told koda about it and he corrected it to where I could no longer see it but I’m sure others might still be able to.
  10. KSI Kinghellish

    Gif request

    Is it possible to make it to where people can have gif pictures in front of there names. Like instead of VIP I know it’s possible.
  11. KSI Kinghellish

    Shoutbox Problem

    I actually just noticed right now that the shoutbox only lets me edit the first 25 characters the rest are uneditable.
  12. KSI Kinghellish

    One Piece

    I think I watched the intro and gave up on that anime tbh lol.
  13. KSI Kinghellish


    Hello everyone!
  14. KSI Kinghellish

    Limit Amount of Awards Shown

    I would like it if I could just put my top 5 favorite on there and the rest pop up with a spoiler. It honestly is quite annoying scrolling through some people who have so many just to post something.
  15. KSI Kinghellish

    Admin Request Error

    So before I left I had noticed I was in the Chat were admin posts which if I remember correctly it was for cofo and above or founder and above none the less I had told koda about it which he then fixed it. Figured I bring it to your attention because I’m sure others have it and haven’t said anything about it.