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  1. KSI YinKo

    Destiny 2

    Yea I feel you on the fortune part but from what I saw in the trailer the story my be bad a$$ so I'm hyped for it plus, new weapons, possible new sub classes even tho Stormcaller all day lol. It's a great time to be a destiny player!
  2. KSI YinKo

    Mass Effect

    To be honest so far so good with this game the animation is a bit sucky but the story is pretty solid but I'm still scratching the surface with the game so we'll see.
  3. Hey so it's officially been 24 hours :D and no response from anyone in RD so bring ya boy over to Twisted Reality Airy. Come on Shipmate you know you want me in your clan lol 

  4. KSI YinKo

    New in the hizouse!

    Hooyah I'm down for that, so far it's been a no go but hopefully someone will hit me up
  5. KSI YinKo

    New in the hizouse!

    Thanks shipmate good to be here tho you should've brought me into your clan It's all good I feel the love lol jk, but thanks yea if that's one thing I can give to XGC is that they taught me a lot with gfx design took me 6 months just to get accepted when I first put in the application. Still a novice at editing but always willing to learn with that, and if we have a YT always willing to help with that as well. But good stuff on the gt, I might keep it regular for now I have experience in leadership during my XGC days. Made it all the way to general but couldn't keep the activity up, probably the hardest thing to do in a clan is keep activity up!
  6. KSI YinKo

    New in the hizouse!

    Ha ha yea I was, dang small world lol didn't think I'd see you over here So what's the rules on changing the gamer tag do you have to change it within the 60 days? Or is keeping your original GT optional?
  7. KSI YinKo

    New in the hizouse!

    Same was even a captain XDC when they were trying tousled clans within that division
  8. KSI YinKo

    New in the hizouse!

    What up people, its YinKo aka Gangsta Shredda (old GT) and I'm here cause I'm looking for a community/home to be apart of. I've been apart of a few communities I'm sure you all have ran into now and again XGC being the longest I was in (3 yrs) wasn't feeling the direction they were going in, too much political bs with people leaving poaching members and then having a full blown out argument on the homepage of the website not thinking what type of image they were portraying for the community, just acting like children. Then hopping from small clan to small clan trying to find that home and group of gamers I can consistently play with, thought I found it in DGC but the activity wasn't there and just felt like they were going for numbers instead of quality of members who wanted to be active and apart of a clan. During my time in XGC though I was apart of the gfx team sharing and creating wonderful for art for members and clans in the community which I had thoroughly enjoyed. I also dabble in video editing having my own YouTube channel and creating amateur montages for a game I play a ton of.....destiny. Ive been playing destiny since the beta which immediately had me hooked, I used to be a cod player but seeing where it was going shunned me away from it and destiny just so happened to come at the right time to get me right back into first person shooters. I am currently apart of knights of the Phoenix which is a small clan, active but the group isn't really where I wanted it to be at. I saw one of my Xbox friends had joined you he didn't refer me but I figured hell why not it can't hurt to check you guys out so here I am. A lil more about myself I'm 30 from New Orleans for those who know about the NO I've been playing video games since the Nintendo but my online journey started with modern warfare 2 immediately getting hooked and raging at the same time lol. I'm a decent player not mlg or anything but anything but when I have the time to play if not spending time with my wife and daughter or doing stuff for the navy I'm online gaming harder than ever! Whether it's running nightfalls, strikes, raids or just playing PvP you can always count ya boy YinKo in the mix. Just a lil but behind my name I currently changed it to this maybe a few days ago cause I wanted something less immature sounding, plus I just wanted it to be one word instead of 2 so I picked this one. This name comes from the movie the shadow starring Alec Baldwin (for those of you old enough to have seen and remembered it) and he had an alter ego called Yin Ko who was a drug lord/trafficker and was ruthless to the core plus in mandarin it means dark eagle which I thought was dope as hell so I decided "hey I think this will do" and bam you now see YinKo. Please feel free to hit me up if you want to play destiny, Titan fall 2, mass effect andromeda or anything else we might have in common as far as games. I'm hoping this will be the place to make me feel at home. Peace in the Middle East