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  1. KSI Wildfire88

    A Year (Journey to CoFo)

    It was UnearthlyNave lol. Rave was the Gen.
  2. KSI Wildfire88

    A Year (Journey to CoFo)

    On March 30th, 2017 I was spending my day off work playing some crucible on Destiny. I was on The Dreadnaught playing Control. I was launched into a game that was already going as I was much of the time when playing Destiny, so I pulled up the lobby list when I spawned in to see who I was against and what I had for teammates. That’s when I saw KSI. Now you’ll have to excuse me for a second, I had heard of and played with many KSI people over the years starting back during Modern Warfare 2, so it wasn’t a huge surprise to see them on Destiny. I decided to strap on my big boy tryhard parties and pull out that ole trust Mida Multi-tool and go to town, and go to town I did. I destroyed them. My team ended up winning and I felt pretty good if not a little embarrassed that I felt the need to play like that. After the match I got a message from KSI Darth Vader asking if I would be interested in joining. I thought it had to be a joke or that it was one of the fanboy spin off clans, and since all my fire team members had stopped playing I thought sure why not I’ll join. I was placed into the squad Beowulf. I can’t for the life of me remember what division it was but it didn’t matter because shortly after I was recruited that division split and I was moved to Light TR. I wasn’t really all that active within the community at this point I was around for meetings but that’s it. I made friends and lasting ones at that. In May of 2017 my wife and I separated and then got divorced. This was a rough time for me and I let my mentor Anubis know and he as well as the other squad members were there for me. During the divorce I wasn’t acrice at all except for here and there on discord. In that time TR split and I was moved into Lost Empire and the rebirth of Rome. About this time new leaders had come and the likes of Anubis and Mizz Airy has moved up into Div Leader roles so I started leaning on the officers of Rome. They helped me break out of my funk and start contributing. I actually got recruits. It was intimidating at first, but I got more and more comfortable with it. My new leaders and I became really close and I started moving up. When I was finally made Staff Sargent and was being trained to become an officer, Rome collapsed and we were merged into the squad Avalon. It was a rough transition with my gen now maj and having to get to know new people. Things went sideways real fast a couple months later. In October of last year, LE lost all of our div leadership in a matter of hours. After everything was said and done the highest ranking officer we had was Gen. This was a chaotic time for everybody which was made worse by confusion. We had KSI DR EEVEE 7 and Vik and KSI Umbreon take a hold of things which kind of leveled out. Cali came in and helped and pushed us to all do our part. Even though my mentors and friends had left us high and dry I wasn’t going to let the rest of my family crumble so I stepped up big time. Durng our rebuilding I quickly became LT and then CPT. We had KSI Princess 7 come in and take over where Cali had left off and we pushed harder to rebuild. We had numerous attacks by XDG/TSB on our discord server and had recruiting locked down. When it was lifted Umbreon and myself brought in 20 new members in 2 days. LE was renamed Xiled Gods which was fitting as we were the outcasts at this point. My squad Avalon was then renamed Osiris and the real work began. By November I was promoted to maj as Osiris was nearing split numbers. It felt good seeing XG come back with a vengeance and thriving. Umbreon was moved to CoFo and I was promoted to Gen of Osiris. It was a surreal moment for me. I had been through hell and back all that summer and never thought I would reach the rank of Gen, and yet here it was. We were a couple weeks away from the new year and I was running my own squad. The rest most of you have witnessed. More div promotions were given and here I am now a CoFo of XG. Today I’m looking back and the last year. For those of you who read this that aren’t sure where you are headed in the community I want you to know that I understand greatly. Just know that goals are attained with work and it might seem to be a pain, but it’s all worth it in the end. Push yourself! Find that aspect of your family unit and fight for it! You never know where you could end up a year from now.
  3. KSI Wildfire88

    2017 Superbowl Predictions

    I’m an Eagles fan for the Super Bowl, but we all know it’s the refs vs Eagles in the Super Bowl this year. Brady and Belacheck have the refs on the payroll.
  4. KSI Wildfire88

    Favorite Video Game or intro to gaming

    So one of the things that most people won’t forget aside from your first love, is the one game that you played and played and played or the one that brought you into gaming. For me my favorite game of all time would have to first of all be games and they are The Legend of Dragoon and Final Fantasy VIII. I’ve been playing games since I had the Sega Genesis and the Super Nintendo. Those two game though allowed me to really dive into a world. My experience with the PS1 is what really got me into gaming, and those two games were the first that I put hundreds of hours into. So let’s hear it y’all! What is YOUR favorite game or games that got you into gaming?
  5. KSI Wildfire88

    Favorite movie

    American Sniper, Top Gun, Forrest Gump, and Deadpool are my favorites.
  6. KSI Wildfire88

    Favorite Country Song

    I have to say right now my favorites are What Ifs by Kane Brown, Song for Another Time by Old Dominion, Marry Me by Thomas Rhett, and Legends by Kelsea Ballerini
  7. KSI Wildfire88

    Collage Basketball

    Now that the NFL season is coming to a close, it’s time to hit up my second love which is college basketball. I played basketball in high school and am really partial to the spot. With that being said and where I live my college team is the Gonzaga Bulldogs! We were so close to being National Champs last year. I only hope we can make a run as deep as we did last year. Who is YOUR college basketball team?
  8. KSI Wildfire88

    2017 Superbowl Predictions

    I would like to be to see either the Eagles or the Vikings make it for the NFC as for the AFC I personally am tired of the AFC being represented by the Patriots and Steelers. Unfortunately one of them is going to make it so I hope the NFC team wins the Super Bowl this year.
  9. KSI Wildfire88

    Dubs or Subs

    I have to watch dubs. When I watch the sub, the high pitch Japanese voices hurt my ears. I mainly watch Dragonball Super and Goku’s voice is just painful to my ears when he powers up.
  10. KSI Wildfire88

    NFL team Favorite?

    Denver Broncos!!!
  11. KSI Wildfire88


    Hello all! I am UnearthlyNave aka Bryan or Bry. I have been in the community for about two weeks now and have been enjoying myself since joining. I am for the most part your typical 29 year old. I am a father of 2 and husband to my grade school best friend. We have been married about almost 6 years now. I work my tail off. Right now I am training to become a CNA (certified nursing aide) and working in a retirement facility. I mostly work the 1st shift which is usually until 2pm in the afternoon. I live in the Pacific Northwest in the state of Idaho. Yes we grow potatoes, no not in my part of the state, and it is the Gem State. LOL. Anyway you can usually find me gaming after I am done working and doing my husbandly/fatherly duties. I have been on Xbox since the 360 came out and have played any number of games ranging from Call of Duty to Madden. I am a part of Light and have met some really awesome people so far. I look forward to meeting more of you and finding my rhythm within the community. Hit me up sometime.