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  1. Dimensions: ("Signature" (artist preference size (ex), "forum banner" (400x51), "userbar" (350x19), OR specify pixel size, ie: "410x100")*Image: (Provide Link To Render)Main Text:(Your Gamertag)Subtext (if any): (Anything Extra)KSI Logo (yes/no):Most Recent Past Request: (Link To Your Last Request) https://forums.ksiglobal.com/forums/topic/111627-ksi-karma/ Monkey knows what I requested. ksi logo: yes Name : blue and effect like yours. ( same font style) AAP REP: gold NEWS: purple PRODUCER: orange
  2. KSI MONKEYY 7 - Division Award

    Phoenix Rising- Cofo or higher needs to witness.
  3. Munk Munk

    2 Timer- Yes Department Head- Yes
  4. September of the Month Winners

    Good job and keep up the good work everyone!
  5. Promoting Productions

    The KSI Productions Team is popping, but it still needs help from you, the viewers! In the Productions Section on the forums viewers can find a request box where they are able to post whatever comes to mind, and the KSI Productions Team will strive to turn these simple requests into reality. The minds of our KSI membership are some of the most creative minds out there, and the KSI Productions Team would like to tap into some of that raw talent hidden within our membership. Want to see a GTA V montage? We can do that! Want to see a fails video? We can do that Too! Once a request is made and completed, the final video will be posted on our official KSI YouTube for all to see. So if anyone has an idea that they'd love to see in video form, place a request in the box today! Why should I fill out one of these requests? Have you ever gone on YouTube and watched a montage or funny fails videos and said to yourself. "Those are really cool; I would love to make my own? "If so, KSI Productions can help - all you need to do is fill out a request form. As a member of the Productions team, I and the rest of the team would be more then happy to sit in a party with the requester and discuss even more details, such as what all you want in the video or what music. How long would a request take to finish? The finish time on a request depends on what you request or how good you want it to look. You also have to think about the editors' real life and how busy are they with work, school, or sports. A good montage will take up to a week with a normal to busy schedule. Will my video be on YouTube? That is up to you. The Productions team would love to upload your video to the KSI YouTube. If you are worried the video might turn out badly, worry not since all of the Productions have some type of software that it will make it look good. If we upload your video it helps us grow out in the world on social media and puts your name out in the community of KSI. People will be like, "Wow he is really good and make some cool clips. I want to play with him." The Productions team is here to take insight and new ideas from the community. The request form is just one new idea implemented. If you have any comments or other new ideas, leave them in the comment section.
  6. RD Division Meeting Notes

    Attendance: KSI ZEUSWRATH 7 KSI HARDMAN 7 KSI DEV 7 KSI EZEKIEL UD KSI HELIOS 7 KSI AIRBORN 7 KSI FORMAL KSI ETERNAL15 KSI MEDUSA12 KSIMR GLASS KSI NEXUS 7 KSI ODINZ Nexus - checked all the divisions, We came in second over all. LE and RD are very close in number of forums posts, lets make sure new people are signing up and lets try to go beat them. Push forums sign up more. Once you get them on the forums, have them comment in your squad chat. It will get them nosy and they will start to get interested and look around the forums. Walk them through and help them navigate and explore the forums. Sit down with members and help out. RD Forums contest lets get more people to get involved. We are a step in the right direction. Nexus brought back the BAN GAME, if they get banned they have to wait so many post before banning. THEY AREN’T REAL BANS chain of command- need to be followed, this wasn't very good this week. CO-FO ezekiel, helios, airborn. Ezekiel “ I know my schedule is weird sometimes but you still need to keep me in the loop, other wise ill be up your butt”. When situation happens make sure you think of the person right above you and go to them first. audit- is a simple check over the squads making sure everything is the right way cofo or fo’s topics : Nether blue stepped down and left KSI. I got with Hades and they are working. Invalid gamer-tags don’t worry to much , theres a glitch and there are working on hit. Best thing to do is pull up the squad tag and double check. Sr dr and Dr they put a cap on cod ,destiny , and BF1, will split at 100 , Gears of war , Rainbow 6 will split at 85. Send them the discord link through the forums so we get more people on the forums. Make sure your majors is in formed about your reports and provide all details and information. We need to be communicating through the squad tag DISCORD IS NOT THE PRIMARY WAY OF CONTACT. NEED TO INCLUDE COFO FO AND DIV LEADER! Game nights are not just big game or just on a game, it could be just two people chilling or your members talking in a party.
  7. Hades RD Chat

    Good, bout to go out with my girl , hbu

    I loved it , it was very cool
  9. Admin Request Box.

    @Kered 7

    I know you guys are low staff but it has been 22 days without anythings said on my topic and there has been 28 views on my sig request.
  11. Hades RD Chat

    What's up nagisa
  12. Montage Request Form

    Montage Request Form You must copy, paste, and fill out this EXACT form in the first post of your request topic. You need to send enough clips to make the montage 4-7 minutes long. Recommended number of clips is 15-30. Gamertag (requirement): Discord or contact information: What game are the clips from: Link to clips: (requirement): Song(s) editors choice or please leave song and artist below. (requirement)
  13. I ban @KSIEternal15 for having 15 in his name and not just eternal
  14. Clip fanatic competition

    Gamertag: KSI FORMAL Div: RD, Hades link:
  15. Hades RD Chat

    What's something that you members want to see more if in hades ?