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  1. KSI ZiM

    Recruitment Tournament

    KSI ZiM Recruited By: KSI xVapeSatanX 4/22/18
  2. KSI ZiM

    Apperal sponsor!

    I am in all agreement with Boreas here. If we have a LAN Team for KSI no matter if it’s PS4 or Xbox 1 then i think it should be announced as well because that would also be a Great Thing because it would bring in more Recruits as well. Now Yes Some will be Competitive and some will not but that shouldn’t matter because that would be able to give us time and room to Open up Head Hunters(HH) for each Squad and each Division in all of KSI so i really do think that this would be Great idea to do.
  3. KSI ZiM

    Why take the FTLA?

    I am in the same FTLA Class with CloudJumper and i will have to say that he worded it very well! ZEUSWRATH has and still are teaching us a lot on how to become a better Mentor or better Leader. I can most definitely say that everything ZEUSWRATH talks about is not to hurt you or your feelings but they are to help you in each of everyway possible, ZEUSWRATH just doesn’t talk to hear himself talk but he talks to us because he sees that all of us can be a Leader(No matter your rank) in KSI one day and he gives us his on what i like to call Words Of Wisdom. I will be attending each and every FTLA Classes that I possibly can and yes that means FTLA 101 and FTLA 202.
  4. KSI ZiM

    How Did you Get Your Gamertag?

    I got my First GT which was KSI Haven from the Haven Foundation for children here where i live at, This foundation was used to take in Donations for children in need. I got my second GT Psychosis from the BO3 Psychosis.
  5. KSI ZiM

    Eclipticals introduction

    Welcome To KSI!
  6. KSI ZiM

    NFL team Favorite?

    Baltimore Ravens All Day! #BR4LIFE!
  7. KSI ZiM

    Top Recruiters OTM August 2017

    Congratulations Guys on Recruiter Of The Month!
  8. KSI ZiM


    I know a lot of you know me and i know a lot of you don't but for the ones who do know me......Well im not on very good terms with and i am still sorry for what happened but let me start my Story on how i found KSI. Hi, My Name is KSI Psychosis aka Austin Grigg. I first heard of KSI back when i was on the Xbox 360. I ran into a couple of KSI people who where in KSI.org and they asked me if i wanted to join KSI and i said you know Sure why not so when i joined I immediately succeeded the Ranks of Private-SGT in the matter of Minutes by changing my GT and Recruiting. When i was in KSI.org(2012) i made a lot of Friends and a lot of Enemies as well, I know i may sound like i am bad person or like I Love to do bad things but in reality......I really don't......I am the type of person to where if i get mad enough(Which i am successfully working on, on trying to change it) i say things I don't mean and i guess thats what gives me such a bad reputation, Later on i left KSI.org because I didn't see Eye to Eye on how things should be done and pluse the General(KSI N0NST0P) didn't like me anyways because I corrected him on a lot of things. I then found another Gaming Community called Xiled Gaming Network(XGN) aka Mr XGNs Gaming Community. I joined XGN August of 2016 and then got removed(September of 2016) from XGN for once again my Smart*** Mouth......That is then when i found this KSI on Google Seach, When i found this KSI, i immediately put in a Join Application to join KSI and that is when KSI Mizz Airy responded fairly quickly to my Application and then recruited me into Sentinel LE. Lost Empire(LE) was my Very First Division inside of this KSI and I enjoyed every minute of my time in LE, I made a lot of New Friends, Meet a lot of Amazing/Wonderful/Helpful People for instance KSI Mizz Airy, KSI Beat 7, KSI Anubis 7 & KSI ZEUSWRATH 7 etc... and then once again i messed it up for myself(Which i am still very sorry for that as well KSI Mizz Airy, KSI Anubis 7 and KSI Nizzy). I then proceeded on to make my own Gaming Community called Xiled Rogues Gaming(Which didn't last very long). I then realized after a while that making my own Gaming Community was not possible for me right at this moment as i told myself That i need to learn more things, That i need to take learn each rank step by step. I then left XRG to join KSI once again. I joined in Reality Dynasty(RD) thanks to KSI ZEUSWRATH 7 and then once again left like a day later(I then made Zeus mad at me(Which i am sorry for)). I then went back to Xiled Rogues Gaming and finally realized that i needed to give up and Start Over and Start Fresh and New from the Beginning, I messaged ZEUS and asked him if i could join back into RD but for a Black Ops 3 Squad this time and i never got a message back.....(Which i understand why tbh.....Nobody can Trust me due to past issues and problems), As the night went on i then got a Message from KSI Helios 7 asking me to add him and message him on Discord so that i did, For like a hour or 2 straight i talked with KSI Helios 7 and admitted to things i did wrong and wishing i could go back and change them(Knowing I couldn't). KSI Helios 7 them told me that he will let me join back into KSI into his Squad Orion RD under some terms and conditions first(I will not explain as i would like to keep that private between Me, Him and the rest of the Orion Squad and RD Leadership). I accepted KSI Helios 7s request and now just waiting. I promise from here on out that i will be loyal to KSI and KSI ONLY! Y'all have honestly allowed me to come back to KSI so many times after everything i have did or even said to y'all but yet y'all still allow me to come back and i am very very grateful for that and i promise that i will not be the same person that i was back when i was in Sentinel LE or Artemis RD but i have decided to come back into KSI and change my ways so that way i can be trusted again and have friends this time and no enemies. KSI is My 2nd Family Forever & Always! P.S. Im very sorry again to you Mizz for the way i acted and too you also Anubis for letting you down. I am also very Sorry to KSI Nizzy for leaving him high and dry in Sentinel. I am also very Sorry to KSI ZEUSWRATH 7 for letting you down like i did.
  9. KSI ZiM

    KSI Global T Shirts

    Heck Yeah! I would buy one! Also to add in i think we should have a thing to where we can add are Xbox GT or PSN Id on the Shirt
  10. KSI ZiM

    Discord Game Server Discussion

    Not for the Forums, It would make it easier for people to access the forums and be more active if they was to download a free app for the forums
  11. KSI ZiM

    Discord Game Server Discussion

    I wouldn't mind getting a app for the forums because its a hassle trying to load things up with the Area where im at and sometimes my Wi-Fi is slow on my phone
  12. KSI ZiM

    Discord Game Server Discussion

    The reason why we are talking about it is because so many people are talking about creating a New Server for a different game, Like what is the point? We have Division and Squad Chats for a Reason on Discord Right?
  13. KSI ZiM

    Discord Game Server Discussion

    I mean my phone is getting blown up constantly since all the Servers i am in. Like what is the actual point in them?
  14. KSI ZiM

    Discord Game Server Discussion

    Is there even a Real Point in having a Server for each game that KSI has a Squad for?
  15. KSI ZiM


    Sad to say but Mally365 has left us. He was such a Good Person and he didn't mean any harm to anyone inside of Sentinel or Lost Empire or even KSI! He had the passion in giving me ideas on what would work for Sentinel. So i took them ideas into consideration and then played them and seen that it worked out really well! We all miss you Mally365. If you ever decide to come back to KSI on the PS4 Side, You are always more and welcomed to come back to Sentinel