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  1. Admin Request Box.

    I would like to start a Topic and i am calling it How Did Your Passion For Gaming Start. Where would be the best place to put it?
  2. Apperal sponsor!

    I am in all agreement with Boreas here. If we have a LAN Team for KSI no matter if it’s PS4 or Xbox 1 then i think it should be announced as well because that would also be a Great Thing because it would bring in more Recruits as well. Now Yes Some will be Competitive and some will not but that shouldn’t matter because that would be able to give us time and room to Open up Head Hunters(HH) for each Squad and each Division in all of KSI so i really do think that this would be Great idea to do.
  3. AAP Award Suggestions

    Well since i don’t know if that one went through or not but here is a Award that i think may help us out a lot. How about we do Awards for The United States Of America, Canada, The United Kingdom etc... It would be a Great idea to do this because im almost 100% Sure that we have people that would be more and willing to request or even pay for the Country Awards.
  4. WW2

  5. Orion RD Chat

    KSI Mr Glass is hosting a Recruiting Competition the first person to get the most recruits by November 1st will win a $50 Xbox Card. You have to get 5 a minimum of Recruits to be entered into the competition. Lets Go Orion!
  6. Why take the FTLA?

    I am in the same FTLA Class with CloudJumper and i will have to say that he worded it very well! ZEUSWRATH has and still are teaching us a lot on how to become a better Mentor or better Leader. I can most definitely say that everything ZEUSWRATH talks about is not to hurt you or your feelings but they are to help you in each of everyway possible, ZEUSWRATH just doesn’t talk to hear himself talk but he talks to us because he sees that all of us can be a Leader(No matter your rank) in KSI one day and he gives us his on what i like to call Words Of Wisdom. I will be attending each and every FTLA Classes that I possibly can and yes that means FTLA 101 and FTLA 202.
  7. How Did you Get Your Gamertag?

    I got my First GT which was KSI Haven from the Haven Foundation for children here where i live at, This foundation was used to take in Donations for children in need. I got my second GT Psychosis from the BO3 Psychosis.
  8. What are your Favorite Hobbies?

    My Favorite Hobbies are Baseball, Football, Gaming, Photography. I would like to know what your favorite hobbies are so please come on and start chatting!
  9. Eclipticals introduction

    Welcome To KSI!
  10. Orion RD Meeting Notes/Activity Log

    Monday Night’s Game Night Attendance Host: KSI FatalWolf(CPT) KSI Mr Glass(MAJ) KSI RickJamesV2(SGT) KSI Psychosis(LT) j dawg2029(CPL) EZ SNIPER GOD(PVT) Everyone got a choice of Game Mode & Map. Everyone was laughing and having fun! All out Great Time! Good Game Night Tonight Guys!
  11. Thoughts on ZEUSWRATH Lecture

    I thought it was amazing, I honestly absolutely enjoyed it, I will have to go to more of these lectures more offen
  12. Orion RD Meeting Notes/Activity Log

    Thursday Night Game Night Host: KSI Psychosis(LT) Valued Man(KSI Deimos(SGT)) KSI OG Tartarus(SGT) KSI ScubaVapes(SGT) Played a 4v4 Quickscoping, Played 2 Games of 4v4 Regular Weapons. All out Great Time, We all had a lot of fun.
  13. RD Forums Competition

    KSI Psychosis Orion RD LT
  14. RD Divisional Chat (All Squads)

    Good Afternoon RD Members! I hope you all have a had a Great Day Today and i hope you all have a Great Night Tonight As Well!
  15. Orion RD Chat

    Good Morning/Afternoon Orion Members! I hope you all have a Great & Amazing Day Today!